Professional players live longer than ordinary people: study

Australian scientists found that professional, sportsmen, sportsmen, sportsmen, sportsmen.

Professional players live longer than ordinary people: study

The authors briefly describe the results of the study in the article in the journal the Conversation. They note that he was determined to see how the stress of the game was in the world of chess, Olympiad in 2014, one of the players died during the fight, and the other on the same day, the same day, the same day in the hotel room, in the connection with these and some other cases.

The researchers found very few papers on the topic of mental health. They found only one study on chess players, it was held in 1969 and had less than a high life expectancy of professional players, unlike the fans. However, as the authors of the new work, then it was investigated only 32 players and all of them were born in the XIX century.

However, as the researchers note, the data set indicates that they have outstanding athletes in the active population.

Professional players live longer than ordinary people: study

The creators of the work decided to compare the elite of the Olympic medalists. So, the researchers used data from Wikipedia, there are presented more than 1 700 GMS, indicate the years of the lives of athletes and their respective countries. In addition, the experts used data from the International Olympic Committee, which contain information on approximately 130 000 athletes: of these, the researchers selected about 15 000 medalists representing the same country as the studied players. The researchers also included the expectation of players with such ordinary people from the same countries.

As the authors of the work, the results dispel the myth that grandmasters have high life expectancy. In fact, as noted, they are on average living longer than ordinary people (in some countries, where the expected total life expectancy is relatively low, the players live on average 14 years longer, the researchers report). While specific differences in life expectancy at players and Olympians, researchers have found in comparison with the regular people for both groups.

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Such results are associated with a number of factors. First, the professional chess requires a lot of mental abilities (it may help people to keep a clear mind in the old age; plus, as shown by one study, Board games can reduce the risk of dementia); second, professional chess players, as discovered by a study in the physical exercise on average, more than ordinary people; third, the status of GM in the General may be associated with psychological, social and economic benefits, the researchers note.

The study was published in the journal PLOS One.


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