Pravda Ilona Mask already exists! Maybe…

After a flurry of criticism that hit his company producing Tesla electric vehicles, Ilon Mask threatened to create a service in Twitter that would allow the general public to assess the reliability and “honesty” of articles, journalists, publications and editors.

Mask for the eyes called his service “Pravda”, making a reference to the Soviet newspaper. The billionaire’s falls from PayPal the media can be understood – recently Tesla’s business is not very good: the mistakes of the Mask are compared to the mistakes of the 1960s (and he agrees), then some trolls propose to remove him from the post of chairman of the board of directors. Interesting is another. Ilona’s “Truth” Mask already exists. Since October.

As noted by journalist Mark Harris, Pravda Corporation was certified as a foreign corporation in the state of Delaware on October 18, 2017. It was registered by Jared Birchell, who is also (among other things) president of Neuralink and director of Boring Company, belonging to Ilona Mask. Mask confirmed to Gizmodo that Pravda will begin to advance, “as soon as I finish working on Model 3 “. He refused to confirm the participation of others in this event.

Of course, there is every reason to doubt that Pravda will someday materialize into something interesting. Earlier, Mask appeared in “Twitter” with a promise to run a confectionery factory, and “in all seriousness.” In the end, the cost of creating a corporation is insignificant for such an amateur to create corporations, like Ilon Mask.

Pravda Ilona Mask already exists! Maybe…

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