PewDiePie and Russia: the enemy or … friend?

Neo-Slavic image sells well, but criticism goes even better.

PewDiePie and Russia: the enemy or ... friend?

PewDiePie again began his own. Stellar YouTube has over 60 million subscribers, but monetization is constantly falling, and who voluntarily, without regard to work duties, is willing to watch 10+ minute videos, which are interrupted four times by a 30 second advertisement of BMW cars? YouTube, why BMW, I never looked for them in my life! Well, hell with it, let’s get back to the topic.

In recent months, weeks, days, and even nanoseconds, social norms and requirements have not changed: negative feedback about African Americans and other Africans is still threatened not only by partial demonetization, but also by a full ban on YouTube. It’s unlikely that a pea fool has mastered a profession, so he values ​​his reputation as a star blogger.

Accordingly, you need to regularly make a video – otherwise the grateful audience will forget and create another idol, except for Piudipaya, and this is completely out of the canon. Since it’s about months and nanoseconds, it’s worth mentioning that nothing has changed in terms of attitude towards Russia on the international arena: it is still the main enemy, even terrible terrorists from all forbidden organizations have long ago become second-rate.

So, it is necessary to laugh precisely over Russia – nobody will forbid, the YouTube administration is aware of it. And at the same time with the Russians and all the Slavs will get – but here’s at least the Poles, for example. In general, you already understood: today our information guide is a fresh Piuds video, # 8 (at the time of writing) in trends on YouTube, entitled U SLAV U LOOSE. Yes, here it is, in fact, a repost from a bourgeois resource:

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More recently, we wrote a similar material about the previous similar opus of the Swede. Suddenly, it turned out that Pides had a lot of defenders in Russ-Mother – probably from liberal ones. They argue that in fact the star blogger loves our country with all his heart and soul, and only occasionally teases her – so as not to relax.

Well, dear “defenders of the fatherland,” we will begin our surface-depth analysis by comparing the names of the two videos. The previous one was entitled U LAUGH U SLAV, which translates roughly like “You laughed – you are a Slav.” We agree, there is nothing offensive about this. Each country has its own specific problems and peculiarities, and a Russian can really laugh at some easily recognizable things (although there was almost no ridiculous vidos in that clip: right now, without a revision, only a trip on the carpet is remembered).

We pass to a new roller. Until the first screams “Patches!” Sounded, let’s start with its obvious pluses: this Pewss exercise contains more ridiculous videos! The builder is awakened by a signal from “Kamaz”, some mammal attacks Poles-motorists, and even the classics of the genre – the entrance to the construction site on a bicycle. In general, there is something to see.

However, this ends the pros. Take at least the name – U SLAV U LOOSE. “You are a Slav, so you lost.” Agree, somewhat offensive. This is already a division based on race / ethnicity, followed by an insult. The only difference is that African Americans are not affected. This means that no one will demonetize, excommunicate from the awards ceremonies and draw angry photoshoots with SS caps and swastikas on bandages.

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In addition, in the first video Pides only once stammers about the extremely low intelligence of the Slavs, and then immediately says that he does not know whether to believe the results of a particular study. Here the star blogger between each movie with bare sarcasm gives something in the style of “No, well, you have to be such a genius!” Or even just “Yes, what’s the problem of this country !?”

Once again, let’s repeat: this is so stupid to neighing over what. Only one cult series Friends in the interpretation of the finally sinking of Soviet alcoholics is worth it! However, the constant pressure on the negative between the rollers makes you wonder – what message does Pides want to convey to its 60+ million subscribers? Russia is a dumbass and an enemy? Not the authorities, not specific figures, but directly – all the people are polls?

At the same time, it should be noted that PewDiePie, as it slides into tough criticism and arrivals, also strives to capitalize on the Russian theme: it’s enough to look at its limited baseball cap with obscene “C% ka @ t”. It is likely that within the framework of the same primordial and home-grown Slavic trend, which is selling well, Piuds began to forge a meme with the Russian-language name “friend.”

The history of this meme is random, like almost everything that occurs on the Internet. Back in 2015, one of the users of Imgur filled in a series of photos where the Deathclaw monster from Fallout was placed in the real environment. This was quickly forgotten. But on April 2 of this year on Twitter posted a combination of this and another conserved meme.

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In the picture with several types of rednekov one of the southerners was replaced with the same Deathclaw, only with the signature “friend”. And went-go, because almost the same day the image retwined the great Pides. Since then, the “Friend” has even had his own page on Tinder, and now lonely aunts dream of him on hot nights.

By the way, many users did not understand that the name is written in Cyrillic, and the closest visual analogy in the Latin alphabet was called the monster “Apyr” – Apyr. By the way, Epirus risks becoming something like the Slenderman of 2018 – a sort of horror story at the junction of Internet culture and reality. A friend now forts even Hideo Kojima.

But if the cult Japanese game designer is delighted with the mystical aspect of the creature that managed to conquer the Internet, then Piudsa is primarily interested in Cyrillic writing and other lulzes like the romantic profile on Tinder, because this now more than meets his general line: omit Russia, while selling it same image.

PewDiePie and Russia: the enemy or ... friend?

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