People with positive Rhesus factor are descendants of monkeys

"A positive Rh factor is present in people who have ancestral monkeys. Evolutionary theory is obvious here. Sadly enough.

Negative, that is, the absence of this very factor, which takes place, including in rhesus macaques and other monkeys, is diagnosed in people from the higher race, which appeared in prehistoric times from the stars.

All sensible citizens, which I have met, have a negative rhesus factor.

The destiny of others is Darwin’s theory and blind worship of the higher race.

Sometimes – envy!

In some cases, monkeys and the higher race do not even cross. Read the textbook Biology for the fifth grade".

The most beautiful stuff was in its time – in LJ 2006 – 12 years ago. Working. People are a little crazy, proving that they are not no monkeys. So trust some bloggers. Although this theory is seriously discussed by some scientists today. However, that they just do not discuss.

Or maybe it’s true?

Rovego channel on YandexDen:

Provincial citizens, having arrived to Moscow, show such pettiness that sometimes you are amazed. I spent many years renting out an apartment (I have not passed it for a long time) and was always amazed at what people who come from provinces get up to do. Of course, not all such. But some are striking curcules. In Moscow, you can not even see such curlers. And moreover, the greedier, the more ghastly, the man, the more likely that over time he will curse Moscow and return to his city. There were a lot of such. Although I do not agree with the proverb "Needed where was born". Everyone should live where he is comfortable. Including abroad, if Russia does not like it. But, listen, you can not be so petty.

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Posted yesterday post "Provincials in Moscow, blows the roof", I did not expect that it would cause such a resonance that so many people, recognizing themselves, will rush to write to me all heresy. I laughed at them, of course. They are just not very healthy mentally people who need to reconsider their basic values ​​and priorities in order to understand what they are wrong about. But what’s wrong with me, tell me, when I talk about the pettiness of visitors. Judge for yourself.
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There are, I repeat, wonderful remarkable people. And there are much more of them than petty provincials from the breed of curlets. But, alas, such copies spoil the impression of all who come "conquer Moscow". By the way, why not come just to live and work in Moscow, and not to fight? .. This is fundamentally the wrong approach, distorting their own perception of the provincials and forcing them to lead completely idiotic. They seem to take the indemnity with door handles and gaskets for the cranes.

Rovego channel on YandexDen:

I’ve been in my life for more than 15 years. During this time, many were buried. Death is always unjust. And many left unexpectedly. For example, a young author of horror (pancreas), a strong paratrooper, who brought up his son (heart attack), a scandalous journalist (suicide). And many, many others. But some are especially lacking. And it’s not even that they wrote beautifully. They were very original personalities. They are gone, and sometimes they are remembered by many. Remained their texts. But they will not write anything else. Just right to write "The Book of the Dead Learn". I will remember only three dead men, whose loss was perceived very personally, by great people, without whom the world (and LiveJournal) became a little worse. Irreplaceable we have.

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Dmitry Gorchev – writer. One of the first "thousand" in Learn. Cool guy was. Some of his texts in LJ were more ridiculous than the best stories of Zoshchenko and Averchenko. Probably Gorchev is a genius. He is not a follower of Kharms. He is a unique literary talent. Read it necessarily.

(

And there are also those who are alive, but as if long dead. For example, a blogger who is now actively pouring dirt on his homeland, but used to hang on his LiveJournal someone else’s pictures with a brief signature and handed out business cards to everyone "blogger number 1". Here is the one whose popularity was impossible to understand. However, it’s not popularity that matters at all, but people – their scale, their unique thinking, their soul – sorry for the pathetic, but that’s it.

And who among you left was remembered? Who will you always remember?

Rovego channel on YandexDen:

People with positive Rhesus factor are descendants of monkeys

People with positive Rhesus factor are descendants of monkeys


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