Patch 7.15. Gold lost less

Valve has again decided to change DotA.

Rune of Wealth and Bottle

  • Rune of wealth appears every 5 minutes.
  • Now runes of wealth to give gold to all players (40 + 3 / minute).
  • Rune of wealth now takes a Bottle completely.
  • Treatment Bottle with 80/40 increased health / mana to 100/50.

Gold for creeps and buildings

  • The reward for killing creeps, and melee is reduced by 2.
  • The reward for killing creeps, ranged by 1.
  • The increase in awards for series upgrade creeps ranged from 1 to 3. (Thus, the total difference in gold at 40 minutes, is 2052 gold).
  • The reward for the destruction of Barack melee is reduced from 225 to 175.
  • The reward for killing ground courier reduced from 175 to 125 (for flying courier still give 175).
  • Denay tower now removes the enemies for the entire cost of the game (it gave gold for 50/60/70/80 denay towers 1/2/3/4 level).


  • Base strength of all heroes skill increased by 1.
  • The base intellect of all the characters on intelligence is reduced by 2, except Bane (the initial damage of the heroes of the old left).

Stuckey neutrals, wards and Mango

  • The reward for Stuckey camps of neutral creeps increased from 20% to 25%.
  • Health regeneration ancients has been increased from 8 to 12.
  • The time of the appearance of the Observer Wards in the shop reduced from 150 to 135 seconds.
  • Observer Wards cost reduced from 80 to 75.
  • Health regeneration from Enchanted Mango lowered from 0.7 to 0.6.


  • The increase in damage from Roshan Slam increased from 8 per minute to 10.
  • Base damage Roshan was increased from 65 to 75.
  • Basic health Roshan increased from 5500 to 6000.
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  • On the bottom right of the midline.
  • Slightly changed the position of the rune bonuses.
  • The reduced dimensions of the zones of the appearance of some of the neutral camps on the Dire side.
  • Removed a tree that was to the right of the bottom.
  • Lower TIR-1 tower moved Dire below.
  • The bottom rune of wealth on the side of the Dire.
  • The lower Shrine on the side of the Dire moved slightly lower.
  • Top-TIR-1 tower on the Dire side is displaced slightly to the right.
  • Small changes related to a field of visibility and trees to the left of the TIR-1 Dire tower on mid.
  • Creeps in ranged combat now always appear in front of the melee creeps.

Captain’s Mode

  • Selecting Captains Mode increased from 30 to 35 per round.
  • The procedure of the second phase of bans.

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