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Party Rentals

Children relish playing with the inflatable games. How do you know whether children have really been thrilled by the fun and games that you have arranged at the special event? If you find them talking animatedly about the games hours or sometimes even days after the event you know that they have been really thrilled by the games. But the instant reaction if they like a game would be their visible and vocal expression of eagerness to play again and have more of it.

This is a common sight at the inflatable games. Children and kids find the obstacles not too demanding or exacting like base ball or basket ball. Inflatable games can be played comfortably with a little effort. After each play children would want to go again. They may take a small break after a round of inflatable obstacle course but they would want to come back again. Children would also love the slides. They should be guided at the slides by adults and should only play on slides appropriate for their age groups.

Inflatable games bring families together and bridge the gap between kids and adults. Adults suddenly become juveniles at the sight of inflatable rides. The child in them takes over. Whether it’s competitive play or just for having a good time they go for it with enthusiasm and zeal. It’s also not rare for adults to want to play again and again. How many people can be satisfied with just one slide on the giant slide? Giant slides are family entertainers. That’s the reason a 175 feet long and 36 feet tall giant water slide is being installed at Pensacola beach in Santa Rosa. The beach authorities know the power of giant slides to attract the families to the beach.

With the inflatable obstacle course rental there is the element of challenge to perform better in front of a crowd of known people. It’s natural for guests to want to improve performance with successive attempts at the inflatable obstacle course. Whatever the reason, the Adrenalin rush that the games generate is the pull factor. The range of options with inflatable games is amazing.

Inflatable rock climbing is a challenging game. Climb on an inflatable rock of 30 feet or more height and experience a bit of the thrills of climbing mountains. The ruggedness of the real stones may not be present in inflatable rock climbing, but the opportunity to conquer the fear of heights is real.
Bounce houses are the best baby sitters in the world. Toddlers take a particular liking to bounces. Kindergarten kids and adolescents also can bounce on bigger bounces. While the kids bounce on happily the host can concentrate treating the guests at a party.

Inflatable bungee run is another exciting game that is more popular with college kids. Team building events, high school post proms, lock ins, picnics, and other special events also feature bungee run for entertainment of the guests. Bungee runs are generally two lane events. The bungee is fixed to a wall and the player wears a vest or belt that has the bungee cord attached to it. The idea is to try to move ahead defying the pulling force of the bungee cord. The farthest the Velcro Batten is put the better. The fun part is, a little easing of strength on the part of the players would cause the strong cord to get retracted and pull them right back to the start. Sounds fun, isn’t it? It is.

There are many such inflatable games, but these are the most popular ones. With inflatable games event planning got a lot easier. There is something unforgettable for everybody at your special event, thanks to the inflatable games.