Packaging technology: how to make bubble wrap, cardboard and foam

There is little that is so cheap and appreciated as expensive as packaging. Beautiful packaging attracts the attention to the products in the store; cardboard box carry children, quickly turn into a house or a spaceship; in some bubble-wrap pounce adults.

Packaging technology: how to make bubble wrap, cardboard and foam

By the way, bubble wrap was invented almost by accident, trying to create a material for washable Wallpaper. The discovery was promising, and still fragile goods around the world are Packed in polietileno film with air-filled bubbles. About how it is produced, says a presentation video of the company Sealed Air, which was founded by the inventors of bubble wrap and still is a leading manufacturer.

The bursting of such bubbles is a real cult among neurotics, and every last Monday of January they celebrate the Day of gratitude bubble wrapping. Its major competitors are foam and never dreamed of such national love. However, they are used as proizvods based on different plastics, but as a rule – of polystyrene that is foamed water vapor. The following video shows how it happens.

However, the “king package” is the ordinary carton in cardboard boxes and stored transporterowych and brittle, and durable goods. They were the first to appear in the United States in the early nineteenth century, and the box was made of the American Robert Gair in 1879 – flat unfolded and conveniently going. Today such boxes usually utilize a durable, lightweight, cheap corrugated cardboard, which contains an internal wolnoobraznae curved layer of a cardboard, surrounded by an outer flat layers. How it is produced in the following video.

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Speaking about boxes, we can not go past the famous technology of the Tetra Pak is a convenient, beautiful and inexpensive package that provides long-term storage of food products, especially liquids. It began with the invention of a convenient form, and reached the pinnacle with the creation of aseptic technologies. A video on how to produce cartons for juices, milk – and anything – is she Tetra Pak.


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