Owners of smartphones on Android and Oreo P DP complain on Google Play. What’s the problem?

Last week in Google Play found 15 apps that steal user’s money. Many of the programs scored a few thousand units, so the magnitude of the risk was significant. Now Google is faced with a new problem.

Users complained about problems with search in Google Play. After the introduction of the query results focus and show the same programs, reports 9to5google. Sometimes the available options are through one app. It looks like this.

Catch the bug on smartphones running Android Oreo and Android P Developer Preview. Trouble finding observed in the Google Play version 10.6.08 and 10.7.18. The web site also shows a similar focus.

Here are a few illustrations of the problem.

So Google Play hides part of the results and does not guarantee finding the right program. A looped list may not be comprehensive.

Have you encountered such a bug? This and other problems discussed in Google Play Telegram-channel AndroidInsider.

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