Only not in me!

Only not in me!

Can you get the phone, it’s on the night in the hallway, asks Tanya your husband – even in the fridge grab the juice and make a cheese sandwich.

The husband quickly clears these requests. But I did not take more than half an hour. Tatiana unhappy again: – the Juice was too cold. Make me some tea and add two tablespoons of honey. Just do not overdo it, but a little too sweet to be. Yes, and lemon squeeze there, too, to feel the sour taste.

Tatiana switches the channels on the TV hoping to find something interesting, while her husband ran to fulfill her request.

After drinking some tea and finally decided on the series, Tanya asked her husband to open the window because the room is too stuffy. Of course, the.

Now Tatiana was in position. Already on the third month. We are waiting for replenishment in the family, so it may seem that her husband is what this cutie does. It’s actually true and not true.

Initially, he reluctantly responded to her pleas, but being a great manipulator, Tanya quickly arranged everything as she wants.

It bring, it brings back convergence, it is need to buy and stuff, and if not, I’ll leave you to your parents. Husband loves her, and so puts up with all the vagaries.

Only recently, Tatyana has shared with me his thoughts. When they have a baby, suddenly he comes as a mother, as selfish.

Cope if her husband with them? Yes, Tatyana, in this case, would not carry around a baby, as the husband over her?

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Her, as she says, since the childhood spoiled, so she will not accustomed herself, when the family will be the same.

Thinking about all of this and telling it to me, Tanya added: “I’m the one who can not wait, look at me.”



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