Only half of the events of “Infinity War” will occur on the Earth

One of the writers of the “War Infinity” Christopher Markus gave an interview with GameSpot. In it, he told, the film will not be concentrating on the planet Earth, as one might think.

Only half of the events of “Infinity War” will be happening on the Ground. – Image 1

I will say that we tried very hard not to make a film 100% about the Earth. I would say that the ratio about 50: 50.

Joe Russo, co-Director:

Thanos is a cosmic character. I think the film will be a lot of really exotic locations scattered throughout the universe.

Anthony Russo, co-Director:

I think if you saw a 22-minute film was shown to the press], I realized that the picture is balanced between the cosmos and Earth. I think when you see the whole movie, the balance will be even more noticeable.

In the Russian cinema “the Avengers: Infinity War” will be released on may 3, 2018.

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