Officials of Iran were banned from using Telegram

Officials of Iran were banned from using Telegram

The Iranian authorities have forbidden all state employees to use foreign messengers to communicate with citizens. The ban, in particular, is imposed on Telegram, in which over 40 million Iranians prefer to correspond. About it informs Associated Press.

The channels, which are conducted on behalf of the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Vice-President Eshak Jahangiri, have already been closed. Whether the prohibition on using Telegram out of office hours is unclear. What measures will be applied to those who violated the resolution, is also not specified.

The Iranian authorities temporarily blocked Telegram and Instagram in December, when a wave of anti-government protests spread across the country. During the mass actions 25 people were killed, about 5 thousand were arrested. "The Iranian authorities block access to Telegram for most residents after our refusal to close the Sadaie Mardom channel and other peacefully protesting channels"”- wrote then the head of the messenger Pavel Durov.

Officials of Iran were banned from using Telegram

Earlier this week, they announced their intention to develop their own secure messenger, in which President Emmanuel Macron and government members could communicate. This need is due to fears of the country’s leadership that officials are discussing working issues in Telegram and WhatsApp.

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