New vulnerabilities found in LG’s flagship smartphones

New vulnerabilities found in LG's flagship smartphones

Experts have discovered gaps in the virtual keyboard devices LG G4, LG G5 and LG G6. With their help, hackers could access the classified data of the smartphone user with remote access.

In particular, when using handwritten text, the device was connected to an external server through an unprotected HTTP connection. Thus, the smartphone instead of the language file was loaded malware. The same happened when the location of a working language file changed.

The vulnerability was discovered a few months ago. By the time of the release of information from LG with Check Point already solved this problem and recommended users to update the operating system.

The presence of vulnerabilities in computer systems can cause significant damage to both ordinary computer users and owners of large enterprises. Recently, programmers have found a flaw in the work of popular OS, capable of giving hackers access to the kernel of the system.

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