New videos of God of War has devoted trolls and witches


Before the release of the game, the developers decided to tell us about the enemies of Kratos.

New videos of God of War has devoted trolls and witches

Before the official release God of War there are only a couple of days, and Sony does not get tired vigorously to feed the hype around one of their biggest exclusives this year. This time the developers have released two videos about the enemies of Kratos: the trolls and witches.

Kratos is not just to meet the trolls for God of War, but each time it will be a clash will be spectacular: most of the trolls died because of the treachery of the gods, so that the surviving giants not hospitable, and certainly they do not have the liking of demigod Kratos.

Trolls – one of the most developed and intelligent opponents, which will have throughout the game to fight Kratos. Each of them is unique: the few surviving representatives of an ancient race, each of which has its own abilities, name and history. And, apparently, Kratos will further reduce the population of this once-thriving race.

Even among the common enemies of Kratos will become Ghosts (Revenants). This is the elusive witch with whom the war God will be extremely difficult to manage without the help of Atreus. These witches escape from the attacks of Kratos, unless before that his son would kill them with arrows, making them momentarily vulnerable to axe blows.

The release of God of War will take place 2 days later on 20 April so that we can manage to see several interesting movies about the enemies of Kratos before the game. But if you have already pre-order the game, do not forget to put God of War on the preload – it has become available.


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