New product “Yandex” caused a storm on the Internet

The announcement of a smart column "Yandex.Station" became one of the most discussed events on the Russian Internet in the last few days. Users compete in wits and try to figure out what exactly a smart column made in Russia should be able to do.

Recall that in "Yandex.Station" Alice’s voice assistant is built-in with which you can turn on the music (the column is equipped with speakers with a capacity of 50 W) and video, make it quieter or louder, learn about the situation on the roads and weather reports, set up alarm clocks, and make reminders.

The main theme for jokes became domestic specificity.

Smart column – this is one that can take water from itself to the bath.

– Elk (19.6) (@poooovar) on May 29, 2018

Someone was interested in opportunities that are not yet available.

Some have suggested in what situations the column will be able to show its real mind.

And someone noticed that "Yandex" around becomes more and more.

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