NASA decided to send a helicopter to Mars

NASA decided to send a helicopter to Mars

NASA intends to send a mini-helicopter to Mars in 2020 to study the planet. About it reported press service of the agency.

“The idea of ​​a helicopter that flies in the sky of another planet, fascinates. Mars Helicopter (the name of the aircraft – “Gazeta.Ru”) promises much for the future of science, discoveries and research missions on Mars, “- said the head of NASA, Jim Breedenstin.

It is noted that the mini-helicopter will be the first ever heavier-than-air aircraft to be sent to another planet.

The helicopter weighing 1.8 kg was developed in 2013. It is equipped with solar panels for recharging and a heating mechanism for the conditions of the cold planet. The blades of the device will spin 10 times faster than helicopters on Earth, since the atmosphere of Mars is much more rarefied.

The device will be launched in 2020 and will reach the planet by February 2021.

Previously to Mars went the scientific mission of InSight, the purpose of which is to study the inner structure of the planet.

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