Na’vi lost to the Chinese in Scarcely. How so?

Na’vi, Na’vi, Oh … the Beginning is not impressive. About validol not sure, but the mascara would come in handy.

Tyloo were afraid that Natus Vincere will choose Nuke, quietly giving the opponent Inferno. While Na’vi had a game plan, and they chose Overpass, leaving the “true” map of the decisive third … But here’s the thing: before the third card is not reached.

The Chinese took the Mirage and started the stronger side, but lost the first half 6: 9. This account was made possible in particular due diligence Simple, who dragged Pistoletto:

Optimistic, is not it? But then the miracles began. Tyloo won the second Pistoletto, and then Somebody given this:

It’s a pity that not ACE. Overall, the game on Mirage was fairly even, the Chinese just a little bit better shot. Well, Na’vi have hurt themselves with three map point. Tyloo were able to bring to overtime, where left no chance to the black-yellow:

Choice Natus Vincere Overpass. But Na’vi was not ready for its peak and gave the initiative to the opponent.

Tyloo kept the game under control. Simpl with Electronics was trying to do something:

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But the problem is that the game was not.

Na'vi lost to the Chinese in Scarcely. How so?

In General, the end of the performance, Xccurate clearly shows the confidence with which Tyloo came to this meeting. Even with stand-in AE instead of the Captain Mu. AE, by the way, was the worst player of the match, finishing the match with a score of 31-50.

Na’vi, not that we are expected in the tournament.


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