Na’vi lost to Newbee. 2 cool maps and the final half an hour

NewBee pawn signature and not left Na’vi chances

Lina, Nyx, and Rubick – heroes, which NewBee confidently achieved second place in last TI, and for a long time dominated the region. Even when the Chinese team in bad shape, give them these characters is suicide.

Move nix did not like to live Coram Natus Vincere. Morphling and Leshrac suffered most of all.

All SCCC did not feel resistance to creeps, but heroes with buildings. Lina with his crazy attack speed.

Investments in Dendi justified

Every time Na’vi lose with the Viper, where the crying one MATUMBAMAN. Great pic NewBee forced to take for Dendi hero that will spasiti for the main crust and give part of the total farm to offliner and greedy four.

The problem is that the Viper was just the only hero in the pool, Dendi, who can do all of the above, and, thus, it is clearly not the strongest in the current meta.

Win rate the Viper at the Epicenter, considering the first game Na’vi, and NewBee.

However, when Dendi beeping of the hero, who is going to play the whole team, it feels much more confident. Reformina Templar Assassin – the main reason why Na’vi easily won the second map.

No one dares with impunity to pick up Stuckey Dendi. Heroes NewBee learned this the hard way.

Rarely seen when Juggernaut dies from just a couple of tychek. Dendi jumped on the enemy.

The third map, Na’vi fought against megacarpa. And could win

Players NewBee from the beginning of the third card took the game under control. By the end of the first hour of the match, Na’vi had demolished all the parties and even the tower near the throne.

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After the third Roshan of the Chinese team decided to finish the game with the help of ultimate Grow. But Na’vi had a different opinion.

After epic protection of the throne Crystallize gathered Rapier and flew to break the enemy. However, the highground was an unpleasant surprise.

Na'vi lost to Newbee. 2 cool maps and the final half an hour

The tension grew with every second: NewBee this map in the tournament could be the last, but in the upper bracket of the playoffs. By the 70th minute the game was collected 4 Refresher, bought 3 Rapier killed 6 Rosanov.

Crystallize is a very thoughtful and smart player, but even he at such moments, maybe too nervous. Kerry Natus Vincere progal BKB, but not had time to make a teleport to the base and died, losing one of the Rapiers. As a result, his team again fell back on networs 30 thousand ago.

Infinitely, this game could not continue, and the ordinary Faith fulfilled its mission. GeneraL seconds earlier without buyback, and support NewBee could easily put 2 packs of their wards near the throne.

Newbee for the first time in the incredible tense series. While Natus Vincere now must beat Pain Gaming. Match with the Brazilian team will be held tomorrow at 16:00 Moscow / Kiev.


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