My love

My love

Once we were in the same group at the University. Despite the fact that the group was 2/3 girls, she was always the Belle of the ball. Yes, not only in the group, perhaps in the whole. Do not know why, but we were friends since freshman year. I was not the smartest, but something was attracted by me and I was flattered.

In the fifth year she got married. Very well. Moved to a country house-Palace of the spouse and was to emerge on the phone with congratulations to the day of my birth.

In twenty-five years she called me from abroad and twenty minutes chirped, it is better Northern Italy places on Earth. Thirty – fervently, we are in the right direction and we finally meet in London, where it now mostly resides. In thirty-seven seriously admonished that the age of Pushkin and I have no just to get together. In forty-one just congratulate and say that very much wants to see me.

We met in Moscow and never leave. She became my wife. I would not be able to provide the level of material wealth. We live not richly, but in love and harmony. I gave her the love of a man, she’s adorable twins. We just become a wiser and have found each other, although it seems to me that I never lost.


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