Mother-in-law sent my husband a woman

Mother-in-law sent my husband a woman

When I was in the hospital, my husband was cheated on me. Came to our home “a woman with low social responsibility” with a message: “From loving you more than anything in the world.” Husband thought that I made him such a “gift”.

Know how I know? When my husband picked me up from the hospital, he brought a big bouquet of flowers and thanked him for the surprise. At my puzzled look, he was so grateful.

– Yes how could you? How did you come up with that, with my own hands, I’ll send you a woman? Are you sick or what? To me there was nothing else to do except about your pleasures to care?

While we were out, drove her father. Face mother-in-law so shone with triumph and self-satisfaction that I knew who was saddled with her husband. Although it was obvious, I still ask:

– Your filthy handiwork?

Mother-in-law did uncomprehending look:

– Oksanochka, are you talking about, dear? Why are you so nervous? The milk will be gone. Write is not managed, everyone is unhappy. Need to be restrained.

– Will suffice. I’ve had enough. See you all no longer want. Get out of here, she gonna get home. then turning to her husband, said – And you were not there. Things will gather your, then take.

I got out of the car with my husband and went back to the hospital.

The mother of my husband, I just did not like: for some years now. She never misses the chance to spoil. But now she crossed all boundaries.

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Wanted a son, got divorced and returned to live with her let him have it. The baby I lost: hands and feet are head works.

But the child she will not see, ever. Unfortunately, this marriage is broken. Will not allow a daughter to be communicated with a man.

And the husband is good. What were you thinking? Although, it is just and understandable. Yes, pregnancy is not easy leak, but really hard to be patient? Really, was it worth it?

I feel so bad. Mother-in-law his act just went and married the life of three people-me, husband and daughter. I have a month crying at night, resentment and anger.

Husband goes, he asks forgiveness for this “misunderstanding.” So I have a pit in my stomach, and he is just a “misunderstanding.” I just can not forgive him.

Sokrovishe absolutely no conscience: had the nerve to come, “granddaughter to see.” I have it, even on the threshold is not allowed. Sonny to help.

And this is the “parent help”.



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