Mission InSight started to Mars

Mission InSight started to MarsThis is the first mission to explore the inner layers of the Red Planet, designed to shed light on its formation and development.

NASA launched an InSight mission to explore Mars. Today at 14:05 Moscow time Atlas V missile with InSight probe started from Vandenberg cosmodrome in California (USA). The broadcast of the launch is on the website of the space organization.

According to the latest reports, the probe has already separated from the rocket and the further journey will continue on its own.

– There was a separation of space vehicles. The InSight space probe is separated from the high stage and flies for the first time, – reported on the NASA website.

The InSight is the first mission to investigate the inner layers of Mars. He will install a seismograph on the Red Planet to measure the movement of internal rocks and meteorite impacts. With its help, scientists hope to learn more about the formation and development of Mars.

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