Mila: “It is very likely that Team Empire is going to show itself in the selection for TI8”

Commentator Mila “Mila” Aliyev speculate about the result Team Empire on the major EPICENTER XL and suggested that the organization should do it in the future.

“Empire” – the first team will definitely play in the playoffs Hub. I want to say that, but I would prefer to be wrong here. One lot of them and they did not expect: the first major LAN for the Naive, new to teams, and even the patch, that is if they like VP, is not quickly sorted out with a patch, then the Empire will have problems.

It is very likely that the “Empire” will meet and even show itself in the qualifiers to the “intu”, but if not, I think that with the rate of the Fna is to tie. The main feature of the team is fn. I think it is an incredibly strong player, but if you can not change it, then you can not change it. Constantly change Kerry, trying to find someone that would believe fn and who decisions can be daunting task.

Seemingly perfect Resol [Resolu1on], fn which simply can not be respected, but the novel did not really want to play with this team.

Oh no, I’m not suggesting kick Fna. I suggest to find the captain who can force the team to not be “play on Fna, and charnet”. Sorry, our region has always been a shortage of captains. For me, the ideal looks of Akbar. Only here again will he SoNNeikO in this composition (and whether they want to play with him).

“The Holy Trinity” will have a smash in any case (last chance is a qualification. “Int”, where anything can happen). Sometimes looking at the paper, and everything in it cool. And the players are good and they are friends among themselves, and motivation. But it is not. And Kerry they will not play as it should.

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Please note. Came Silent – had a very good streak, it was going great, but the first defeats – the team crumbled. Came Nix is ​​a good start, try again, the first defeats – the team crumbled. When there is no confidence after the defeats.

Came Naive. The first team that left the Epicenter. Naive – VERY talented. I hope the management team would make a big mistake. It’s like a diamond in the rough: it takes time, experience and investment. But the result can be incredibly high, “said Mila.

In the group stage of a major Team Empire lost Complexity, Mineski, PSG.LGD and Team Liquid. The Russian team has lost chances of an exit in the playoffs.


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