Main series may 2018

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Bradbury, Cumberbatch, fiction about MMO, Danish postapocalyptic and teenage drama about the consequences of suicide

Main series may 2018

Main series may 2018Main series may 2018. – Image 1

In may on television and streaming platforms have a dead calm. In terms of high-profile Prime, we have Michael C. Hall (alas, not in the role of Dexter), a pair of very questionable science fiction series (Danish “Rain”, us “Dreams”) and new drama in the style of “British psycho” Benedict Cumberbatch “Patrick Melrose” (if you are interested in this kind of products). But the Netflix serenity of one of the most acclaimed TV series 2017 – “13 reasons why”. Well, the most sensational event of the month on the TV – no TV series, feature length television movie for HBO’s “451 Fahrenheit” by ray Bradbury.

Popular in the 80s (and really, I must say, good) teenage sportsmen’s style action movie Karate Kid school “Cobra Kai” was the personification of the dark side of martial arts. Judging by the film, there were recruited exclusively bullies, ready for any dirty tricks to win (including in official competitions).

In the TV series, based on the movie, the former best student of this school, johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is trying to revive the “Cobra Kai”, despite the infamous karate-section. This leads to a new conflict with Daniel (Ralph Macchio), the main positive character of the original. The main characters are not teenagers, but they still solve all their (and others’) life’s problems with shocks, struts, and training modes.

All 10 episodes are already out on YouTube Red.

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The first Danish TV series Netflix – teenage postapocalyptic. In principle, this is a normal test for the European group of teenagers … that’s only the case in Scandinavia, a large part of the population. The main characters are brothers and sisters, looking for missing father (Yes, like in Fallout 3) in the company of other young virializes. Critics compare the series with the tolerant German “Darkness” and a great Brazilian “3%”.

All 8 episodes of the first season of The Rain will appear on Netflix tomorrow.

The French-British TV series, written by the famous American mystery writer Harlan Coben. Michael C. Hall (Dexter that is) plays a British doctor, who is in the very quiet, isolated, residential settlement. But disappears when his 16-year-old daughter, the hero has to personally investigate … and among the suspects are all neighbors.

A joint American-British mini-series with Benedict Edward St Aubin \ ‘s. Cumberbatch plays a modern British aristocrat, which is very poorly behaved in high society due to a difficult childhood and big problems in his personal life.

The project is very specific (it’s hard to feel the personal problems of another millionaire-drug addict-alcoholic), but Cumberbatch in the role came just perfect. Each of the 5 episodes filmed one of the Robin’s novels, describing the different periods of his life (and occurring in different countries).

The first season of “13 reasons why” was filmed based on the novel by Jay Asher, and it showed the history of teen suicide and its consequences from the book. In the second season, showrunner Brian Yorkie came up with a story with the same characters.

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According to the Creator, the Hannah in the second season will not be the main (although Hannah will remain the one of the narrators). 13 episodes of the new season on the effects of rape and sexual harassment, which other heroines of the series have in the first season.

13 Reasons Why Why series, interesting to a spectator of any age, well-said Alexander Trofimov.

Yes, this is not TV, and the movies from the Director of the dark drama “99 homes,” Ramin Bahrani. But in the cinemas it will not go – it is an internal project of HBO Films that is used to mean television “movie of the week” for the American audience, and now – streaming event of global significance.

Before us is a brilliant adaptation of the dystopian ray Bradbury about the future society in which the forbidden books. Michael B. Jordan plays guy Montag, officer “fire”, dedicated to the destruction of the books (and at the same time, sometimes, their owners). Michael Shannon – his boss, captain Beatty that Montag there is a conflict on a professional basis.

Main series may 2018Main series may 2018. – Image 2

The animated series of children’s books, Guillermo del Toro, about a 15-year-old boy who becomes the protector of an underground civilization of trolls. Instead of the late Anton Elchina 3 (and last) season the main character was voiced by Emile Hirsch.

Main series may 2018Main series may 2018. – Image 3

American writer-newcomer Mickey Fisher famously took third place in the online contest with a very bright pilot about astronautics, managed alone to get pregnant on the space station. The idea was so powerful that it attracted the attention of Halle berry and Steven Spielberg.

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The pilot took a series of extensions (“outside”), somehow lasted two seasons, but fell apart after the first series. Anything sensible, but a 60-page pilot, Fisher was to write not. “Dreams” is a new project from this writer. MMORPG called Reverie. The main character is the former policeman, which is the highest degree of immersion (like in the “Oasis”) that explains the subtleties of online games and virtual reality.

Action in the pilot episode at least, built-up very very naive to return to the user, it is enough to recall the pleasant experiences in the real world, the heroine is haunted by the ghosts of the past. intriguing – a sort of mixture of detective, medical Thriller, Ready Player One with kolanowski Inception. If other series will write really interesting writers, that shows you can pay attention to.


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