Main movies Jun 2018

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“Jurassic world 2”, “the Incredibles 2” and “8 friends of Oushena”

Main movies Jun 2018

Main movies Jun 2018

The major movies of June 2018. – Image 1

After a successful may, which came out of two major superhero blockbuster and a few little releases, including the new film in the universe of “Star wars”, June seem relatively quiet. It is, in principle, it is quite logical, because in the summer many go on vacation, and the major studios are hesitant to bet on high fees. However, a few interesting films in June 2018, is still out, and we will tell about them in this article.

Main movies Jun 2018The major movies of June 2018. – Image 2

Continued success at the box office of “Jurassic World”, which was released in 2015. The film was included in the list of the most cash paintings in the history of cinema, a new trilogy about dinosaurs. “Jurassic world 2” will be the second part of the new franchise and will take effect outside the island Nublar, featured in the first film.

The original movie was called Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but in the Russian adaptation of the subtitle is somehow lost. The action sequel takes place 4 years after the events of “Jurassic World”. Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) organizes the rescue on the island of dinosaurs. She asks for help from Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), and together the heroes return to the island, where everything is restless due to the eruption of the volcano. And an unknown organization wants to transport dinosaurs to the mainland in pursuit of their goals.

Director Colin Trevorrow has replaced Juan Antonio Bayona, known for such films as “the Orphanage” in 2007, “the Impossible” in 2012 and “monster Voice” of 2016. Judging by the trailers, as “Jurassic World”. In particular, we will again present a special artificially created dinosaur, only this time it will be on the island and in the city.

However, if you love dinosaurs, the sight is better, you are unlikely to find this year.

And yet the film is timed to the anniversary of the twenty years since the release of the original “Jurassic Park”. The Steven Spielberg film was released on June 9, 1993, “Jurassic World 2” will be released in Russia just two days earlier, on 7 June. It is possible to get ready to catch Easter eggs and references. One of them was shown in the trailer – in the film back Ian Malcolm in the performance of Jeff Goldblum.

Main movies Jun 2018The major movies of June 2018. – Image 3

Domestic drama film directed by Dmitry Suvorov, known for such comedies as “Classmate” and “Superplague”. The action takes place in the 18th century. The main characters are the wife of Vasily and Tatiana Pronchischeva, polar researchers in the Arctic in the composition of the Lena-Yenisei detachment of the great Northern expedition.

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Precisely – real researchers. In 1735-1736, they investigated the Siberian coast, from the mouth of the Lena river detachment Pronchishchev moved West. Their ship “Yakutsk” is managed to reach the northernmost point to which traveled ships of the Northern expedition, 77 ° 29 ‘. The record was broken only after 143 years. It was a feat exactly, but the family story ended ended tragically in this expedition. About this and tell the movie.

By the way, the “First” based on the play by Vladimir Fedorov “Constellation of Maria”. Semyon Chelyuskin and Vitus Bering. The film will have Peter I, Catherine I, as well as explorers.

The major movies of June 2018. – Image 4

The horror film, which became one of the greatest hits of the Sundance film festival this year, where it was called “the worst horror of the 21st century”. Interestingly, the criticism of the movie for the most part, the so-called “Reincarnation” will be something like “Away” or “quiet places.”

For Director Ari Astaire’s first major directing experience. By the way, he also wrote the screenplay for “Reincarnation”.

The story tells about the family of Graham, which after the death of his grandmother. Annie Graham (Toni Collette) begins to notice that close to her children, Peter and Charlie and husband Steve acting weird, and it all has something to do with the family.

Main movies Jun 2018

The major movies of June 2018. – Image 5

The first “the Incredibles” was released in 2004. It was one of the most successful and unusual cartoons of Pixar, since he was able to combine the adventures of superheroes and the everyday challenges of the modern family where each member has some superpowers. For 2004 it was quite new – especially for animation. Even in the comics the family of superheroes, was investigated poorly and casual, while “the Incredibles” was not the original – it’s completely the author’s project of a brad bird. He was a writer and Director.

A sequel to “the Incredibles” was very late and come only after 14 years. However, for the heroes of the time was much less. But that does not mean that the sequel will not shy away from modern trends.

The continuation of the history of the Parr family, showing her adventures in close proximity to all TV channels. But her husband, Mr. incredible (Bob Parr) will have to take on housework and caring for children. And that’s not easy, because the younger child is Jack-Jack – unstable superpowers. Of course, there will be a new common enemy, and the other superheroes – promise to return. Freon (Lucius best), and fashion guru Edna Maude.

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By the way, in the framework of a promotional company will release cartoon and comics about the Incredibles. Responsible for them the Dark Horse.

The major movies of June 2018. – Picture 6

After the scandal of sexual harassment, which cost James Franco and his “Mountain-Lord” nomination for “Oscar”, James returns with a new movie in the post-apocalyptic setting with a rating of R. Franco played a major role and helped with the directing.

And the film will be Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu, Snoop Dog, Method Man and Twin Shadow. According to Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, the film is frankly terrible (in the US it was released on 25 may), so is it worth worth attention – you decide.

“The world of tomorrow” tells a fairly typical story about the world, post global warming and a few wars, and then everything turned into the equivalent of “Mad max”. The main character, nicknamed Warlord (James Franco) go in search of medicine for his dying mother. And, therefore, it will try to kill everything.

Main movies Jun 2018The major movies of June 2018. – Image 7

The first major film screenwriter drew Pearce. You may remember him in the Marvel Studios short “all hail the king”, which pierce took to the film “Iron man 3”, the script of which he helped write. Also drew was a-scriptwriter for the film “Mission: impossible rogue nation”.

The movie “Hotel Artemis” will talk about the near future, where in any case. Runs the Nurse (jodie foster; her first role since 2013). But the usual order of things breaks out a couple of new clients, one of which is the killer. In the end, to survive, the guests have to improvise, because no one has a firearm is one of the requirements of “Artemis”.

The film also starred sterling brown, Sofia Boutella, Geoff Goldblum, Zachary Quinto, Charlie day and Dave Batista.

The major movies of June 2018. – Image 8

Continuation of the famous series of films about the con man Danny ocean’s (George Clooney). Danny’s sister Debbie ocean (Sandra bullock). With the release of the last part of the trilogy – “Thirteen friends of Oushena” – in 2007, 11 years have passed markedly. Therefore, Warner Bros. decided to spin-off with all-female staff.

Daphne Kruger (Anne Hathaway). The basis of the story is the same as before. To pull off the theft, Debbie draws its team of “friends” who will play: cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, singer Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, mindy Kaling and rapper Akvafina.

Will appear in the movie and the original “friends” of the ocean. At least confirmed by the appearance of Matt Damon. And in “8 friends of Oushena” Director Gary Ross (“Pleasantville”, “Favorite”) has a lot of celebrities in supporting roles: Olivia Munn, Richard Armitage, Katie Holmes, James Corden, Kim Kardashian, adriana Lima, Kylie Jenner, Dakota fanning and others.

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Main movies Jun 2018The major movies of June 2018. – Image 9

The film is Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario (known to us as “Killer”) was one of the best (if not the best) movie of 2015. The sequel took another Director Stefano Sollima, one of the founders of the popular Italian mafia series “Gomorrah , “but at the project the same writer Taylor Sheridan, one of the best contemporary American writers (he also wrote” at Any price “).

Unfortunately, the script of the film does not differ high quality. First, from the sequel ripped the heart of the heroine, Emily blunt, eyes, we saw things happening in Mexico (us border) atrocities. Instead, the heroes of the film – assassin Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin CIA. Thriller in which a tough special forces crumbled Mexican tattooed gangsters. Second (whether due to haste, or because of the demands of the producers) in terms of the plot of Sheridan firmly rolled in samodurovu.

The American Muller. In response, the Administration of U.S. President unleashes Matt (the hero Brolin) hands, allowing you to fight the cartels with the same methods that used in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the course of, of course, going and combat drones, and helicopters with miniganom, and an army of special forces. Alejandro (hero del Toro) acting as scout on the front.

Agree, it sounds like a militaristic jingoistic parody of finely conceived and executed the first film made by people who did not understand the essence of the first Sicario (where a sharp skirmish was not the main element).

The major movies of June 2018. – Image 10

The continuation of the movie “escape plan” 2013. That movie was a dream of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the actors had to work together on a large-scale action. The film was made well in the box office, so the sequel was inevitable, but the return of the character. Schwarzenegger was impossible. So in the “escape Plan 2” ray. Breslin is a specialist in escape from prison (Stallone) is to escape from a new prison in the company of Dave Batista.

It is difficult to say whether Batista is a worthy replacement for Schwarzenegger, but we already know that there will be a third part where Dave Batista will return to the role. So, apparently, we are still waiting for a full-fledged franchise. A new prison in “escape plan 2”, by the way, is called “Hades”.


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