“Mail of Russia” in 2019 plans to completely switch to Russian software

"Mail of Russia" in 2019 plans to completely switch to Russian softwareTerminal in the department of the Russian Post of a new format in Moscow City. Archive photo

MOSCOW, April 25 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. "Post of Russia" plans to completely switch to Russian software (software) in 2019, said deputy general director of the enterprise Sergey Emelchenkov.

"Due to the fact that we are accountable to the Ministry of Communications, from the very beginning we were focused on import substitution and used Russian FSTEC technologies or open technologies. This gave us some groundwork, and now, for example, we are planning to move (to Russian software – Ed.) Not in 2021, but in 2019. That is 2 years we need to complete the history of the transition", – said Emelchenkov, speaking at the forum "Russian software: effective solutions" within the framework of the Russian High Technology Week.

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"Mail of Russia" in 2019 plans to completely switch to Russian software"Post of Russia" she will test drones for delivery of parcels

In his words, in particular, the company plans to introduce Russian office software "My office".

"We spent a year to look at various technical solutions for office software – both open source and solutions in the registry (Russian software – ed.). We focused on "My Office" and in the near future we will launch this story. I think that we will do it successfully in our volume – on 160 thousand computers"Said the deputy head "Mail accounts". He added that in May the company plans to announce an auction for the purchase of office software. According to Emelchenkov, until the end of 2019 "Post of Russia" plans to stop using Windows.

Also, according to Emelchenkov, "Post of Russia" uses business programs 1C, and also buys smartphones based on the Russian operating system Sailfish for postmen. "We launched mobile applications for postmen, now 17 thousand postmen go with a smartphone, in the summer there will be 25 thousand – they are, by the way, implemented on the Russian mobile operating system Sailfish", – said the top manager. At the same time, he urged Russian manufacturers to develop more software for Sailfish. "A small ecosystem for this OSes and would like to have more software for this OS", – said Emelchenkov.

According to him, the site "Post offices in Russia" Also created on the open software or on Russian technologies. In 2017, it was visited by 65 million unique users. At the same time, the Internet audience of Russia has about 88 million users. "That is, good 4/5 of the audience visited us", – he noted.

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Five Nines

"Mail of Russia" in 2019 plans to completely switch to Russian software"Post of Russia" opened a new format office in "Moscow City"

In general, digitalization has yielded positive results "Post office in Russia", noted Emelchenkov. "For example, the par value of parcels …. We actually lost 3% of the parcels four years ago. Now the security of the parcels is 99.9999%. This is a good result. "Post of Japan" makes five nines after the comma, we want to catch up and overtake them, this is done by digitizing", – said Emelchenkov.

According to him, "mail" began to implement new services faster – if earlier it took one and a half years, now it’s 4 months. "mail" also launched a mobile application, an online subscription, launched electronic registered letters for legal entities. "For example, 35 million electronic registered letters were legally delivered electronically to our customers", The representative noted. "Mail accounts".

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