Local exotic: in Japan will produce “woody” alcoholic beverages

Local exotic: in Japan will produce "woody" alcoholic beveragesWhile scientists produce three types "wood alcohol" – cherry, cedar and birch.

Japanese researchers have presented a new method for the production of alcoholic beverages. As the main ingredient they used bark of trees.

A team from the Forestry and Forest Research Institute Products Research Institute) specifies that the work used three materials – bark of birch, cedar and cherry.

At first the crust is crushed to a thick paste-like mass, after which yeast and a special enzyme must be added to it so that the fermentation process starts.

At the same time, there is an important condition: it is impossible to resort to heating (so that classical methods, we recall, require it), so that the taste and aroma of the drink preserve specific woody notes.

Researchers originally prepared "wood alcohol" in two ways: by infusion and distillation. But in the end they came to the conclusion that distilled alcohol is better. This was admitted by a member of the research group Kengo Magara (Kengo Magara) in an interview with the news agency Agence France-Presse.

He also recalled that wood fermentation is already widely used for the production of biofuels, but the final product contains toxins and is odorless. Therefore, experts decided to improve the technique to create something safer for consumption, delicious and fragrant.

"Our method can make it (a fermentation product – ed.) Suitable for drinking and preserve woody odor, because decomposition does not require high temperature or sulfuric acid", – explains Magara.

According to him, the new method allows, for example, from four kilograms of cedar bark to get 3.8 liters of beverage. And the alcohol content in it does not exceed 15%.

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Approximately this is the strength of the Japanese rice vodka. By the way, the authors compare the taste of the resulting drinks with sake. In their opinion, the product to taste resembles ordinary alcoholic beverages, which are kept for a long time in wooden barrels.

The team hopes to commercialize production "wood alcohol" in the next three years. Moreover, since the Land of the Rising Sun is famous for its varied and rich nature, it is quite possible that in each region it will be possible to arrange the production of its own kind of drink, depending on the type of prevailing trees.

Recall that earlier the Japanese released a special juicing beer, as well as for scientific purposes sent to the ISS mini-bar.

Meanwhile, chemists have uncovered the secret of a more complete taste of diluted whiskey. But the identification of fake whiskey entrusted to artificial intelligence.


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