LighTofHeaveN: “Valve over the past six months has done more than the last five years”

LighTofHeaveN: "Valve over the past six months has done more than the last five years"LighTofHeaveN: “Valve over the past six months has done more than the past five years.” – Image 1

In the Championship of Russia, computer sports we were able to communicate with Vladimir “Maelstorm” Kuz’minov, but with his partner, Dmitry “LighTofHeaveN” Kupriyanov, who commented on the competitions for Dota 2.

Talking about everything related to Dota 2 and The International in 2018, and the teams that this season has surprised and conversely, disappointed.

– How do you like the performance of this season?

– According to some, they are a little tired after two majors. During the EPICENTER XL relaxed. To put it mildly, while the rest of the team were in the training rooms, these guys were not in the training rooms. They, so to speak, resting.

– From the CIS, anybody can still shoot in the near future?

– It will be more difficult. Unfortunately, the CIS is now experiencing not the best times.

All the teams were shattered. All the teams have picked up replacements. All nothing worked. The team that takes 1st place in the CIS qualifications, little chance.

– The International 2018 will overtake last year’s tournament prize money?

– Depending on whether you want Valve to pour more ideas into a compendium. Will Valve continue to promote Dota 2, that game was popular. Now Valve is doing everything possible to Dota 2, instead of to lose the audience. Convention, the more people the more money. To put it mildly, Valve for the last six months has done more than the past five years.

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– If The International 2018 started tomorrow, who would win?

– PSG.LGD. If TI started in April-may, PSG.LGD would have torn everyone there would participate. They are just such gods, machines and murderers. It is evident that the organization held

serious educational work with all team members.

What’s your attitude to frequent patches in Dota 2?

– I’m glad everything, except the patches during the tournament. I believe that to do during the tournament. To put it mildly, to adopt the rules of the game. In any sport, there is no such in any activities. Impermissible to change the rules of the game during the match. All this must be done before the match or after. But in any case.

– The results of DPC – better or worse in terms of preparation of teams and tournament schedule than last season?

At least, we already have a system that allows you to earn points. The problem with this system is that of invites. They are going to every tournament, taking the top 4, top 5, top 6, to score points.

Many of the strong teams corny may not be available at the tournament. Because of this, different teams will gain points. Only because of media. I understand that business is business. People are earn money, but the sports component also would like to add.

– Why OG are dipped in this season?

– Because there is no mid-laner. Because patches change. Because the guys were playing the same style. The meta is changing. For some reason they took Sebastian (7ckngmad replaced) and decided to put it on mid. And while he was at the foreign Ministry, I believe that this team has very little chance.

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OG walk in the footsteps of Na’vi and join the club.

– You mentioned Na’vi. Why do not you think it’s not the first year?

There’s a certain core of people who have their own concepts and rules. And as said SoNNeikO in his interview, he in any case will not play in this team, yet this group of people has power.

To put it mildly, these guys keep everything in their hands, nothing changes in terms of strategy, in terms of everything else, they are just friends having fun.

– What are the team lately has disappointed and, conversely, surprised?

– I am personally disappointed Newbee. I think the team is gaining a large number of DPC-points, should do better. And in many tournaments the team played as tourists. She was most recently on 5-6 places in the DPC table, but she plays like a team with the Cup of Russia. But they are the Vice-Champions of the World, and the guys at the Cup of Russia. And the level of play was almost identical to many tournaments. And was pleasantly surprised Mineski, who at one point just took and took major. I’m actually surprised that Mushi and iceiceice to manage at this age.

– Can you name top 5 ideal peaks. Or the most memorable who always work?

Doom complex that is too strong in this patch. The Slark – light, which was one hundred percent in the playoffs at the EPICENTER XL. It was just a monster that tried to counter, but did not succeed. Nothing at all. For Example, Task. This hero is number one in saves, is a hero of initiation, it’s just a monster.

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Tusk is one of the most underrated characters on the four.

Something small I can imagine. It will be more difficult. And mister … As a pancake to remember all the mid players hell. Let it be the DP. She always comes. It is mobile Meader, who works in almost any situation.

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