Joni Ive: Jobs is not related to Apple Watch, I do not remember that he wore a watch

The chief designer of Apple told the story of the creation of the company’s first smart watches in an interview for the magazine Hodinkee.

Joni Ive: Jobs is not related to Apple Watch, I do not remember that he wore a watch

As it turned out, Joni Ive was associated with a wristwatch from early childhood. He liked the complex construction of the chronometer of his grandfather. He had pocket watches, which could be opened from the back side, and personally see the construction of a complex mechanism. It really impressed the designer and housed in him a secret love for the wristwatch.

Similar thoughts were shared by his colleagues at Apple.

“I can not speak for the whole history of the company, but for the time that I work there, I have seen many people interested in watches and dreaming of creating their own. But this does not indicate a mood in the company, in general, “- said Ive.

Then the interviewer asked a question about Steve. Was he interested in the clock and whether this topic was discussed with the head of Apple. Johny answered in the negative:

“No, we never talked about watches or about their development. I do not even remember that he once wore a watch. “

This moment causes some bewilderment, as all the fans of Jobs saw him with the clock on the old pictures. At the same time on fresh photographs, he no longer wears them. Probably, the clock in the iPhone replaced Steve wristwatch.

Joni Ive: Jobs is not related to Apple Watch, I do not remember that he wore a watch

“Did Steve really not wear a watch?”

– Exactly

Being a bit shocked interviewer tried to figure out when the idea of ​​creating a watch came into being.

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“For the first time we started talking about watches in 2012. A few months after Steve’s death. We had to think about what we would do, where to move, we needed a motivating course. In addition, it was necessary to please our users. Apple has always been famous for making complex technologies accessible.

We thought about making technology more personal for each person.

What is especially interesting is the relationship between our products and the real watch industry. Remember the clock towers. Large clockwork, which became the prototype of similar devices for the home. Usually in the house there were some more outdoor watches, like computers in the eighties. Everyone had one for a family, not more. Over time, computers became smaller and moved into our pockets. Like the clock. And now the computer is placed directly on the wrist. This connection with the history of the clock inspired us, “- said Ive.

Joni Ive: Jobs is not related to Apple Watch, I do not remember that he wore a watch

Also, Joni noted that this is one of the few Apple products that did not solve any problems, he simply made existing technologies more accessible. Initially, the purpose of creating Apple Watch was very abstract. Nevertheless, the designer hinted that Apple has determined the direction of the development of the watch, and that Apple Watch is not just a toy and accessory. This is the future. And the first versions of the device are just the first steps and probing the soil.

Ive talked a lot about the external design of the watch and how hard it is to correctly choose the size of the strap that would suit everyone.

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“Apple Watch is a more personal product, and we needed to think about its size more carefully. After all, in the case of the iPhone, size is a choice that comes from personal preferences, and in the case of a clock, it’s a matter of convenience. We have already managed to make a product that fits all. For example, AirPods. Therefore, we did not have a problem during the creation of a steel bracelet for watches with Milanese weaving. We decided to abandon the standard mechanism in favor of a magnet, which can be tightened to any hand. It was a brilliant decision, “Joni said.

Joni Ive: Jobs is not related to Apple Watch, I do not remember that he wore a watch

The interviewer paid special attention to the fitness functions of the clock. He was impressed by the fact that many watches helped to become more athletic. Ive said in response that many functions in the first generation of watches were originally laid to develop other opportunities related to people’s health. By this, the designer again confirmed the main accent that the company makes on the watch. Sport and fitness – the basis of Apple Watch.

After talking about the gold watch, but the designer dodged the answer.

– Do you know how many gold Apple Watches sold?

– I will say that we really enjoyed working with expensive materials and creating products in limited quantities. For us it’s new.

In conclusion, Joni Ive expressed his respect for other watch brands and said that the whole project Apple Watch is not about money, but about improving people’s lives.

“I am much more motivated by messages from our users who believe that the clock has made their lives better. It’s a great privilege to work on a product that has such an impact on people’s daily lives. “

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