Japan will be engaged in the development of electric aviation

Japan will be engaged in the development of electric aviationTokyo airport

Aerospace exploration Agency of Japan formed a consortium of Japanese companies and agencies, whose main task will be the development of electric aircraft in the country. According to the Agency, the consortium would collect proposals from various companies to create electric aircraft, and to develop and test new technologies that can be used in future air transport. First results of the work of the consortium should be submitted in December this year.

Hybrid and electric aircraft has attracted interest, since the use of new aircraft and helicopters can significantly reduce the operating costs of the fleet and to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. While carriers are in no hurry to start mass purchases of electric aircraft, because they do not yet exist well-developed infrastructure, and the planes themselves incapable of long flights.

Part of the Japanese consortium, dubbed ECLAIR, included Corporation, IHI Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Subaru, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Aero Industries Engines and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and the Ministry of economy, transport and industry. Together with the Ministry, the consortium will have to develop rules for certification and operation of electric aircraft. Ultimately, the consortium needs to accelerate the transition of regional Japanese airline to use electric planes.

Previously, the government of the U.S. state of Washington announced the intention to transfer local traffic on electric and hybrid aircraft. To assess the possibility of such a transition government formed a working group that has already started consultations with overestimation, carriers, airports and aviation authorities of the state. Shortly before that, the Norwegian authorities adopted a program of full transition to electric regional passenger aircraft by 2040.

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