In the iPhone of 2019 will appear stereoscopic camera and triple optical zoom

According to rumors, next year Apple will install a triple stereoscopic photomodule in iPhone X, which will allow creating better-quality portrait shots.

In the iPhone of 2019 will appear stereoscopic camera and triple optical zoom

This was reported by analyst Jialin Lou from Deutche Securities. Judging by his data, in one of the smartphones Apple 2019 will be an updated twelve-megapixel camera with a lens 6P. The latter should bring in the iPhone a full optical zoom and functions of the film camera. Plenoptics will allow creating stereoscopic images and maximally detailed images for the subsequent change of depth of field. This technology is used in Lytro cameras.

Using just three lenses will significantly improve the quality of shooting in poor lighting conditions and photos taken in the “Portrait” mode.

Rumors about the installation of the triple camera appeared at the beginning of the month, some time after the release of Huawei P20, the main advantage of which was the photomodule. Information about 3D-sensors in the iPhone in 2019 was published in November, before the sale of the iPhone X. Apparently, Apple has long been in the plans for a grand update of cameras, but their implementation has been very protracted.

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