In the capital of Mongolia close all Internet cafes. They play 80% of the local gamers

In the Mongolian capital city, Ulaanbaatar, will be closed all Internet cafes, about this in his Facebook.

“The mayor of Ulaanbaatar city has decided to ban all Internet cafes.” Half of the Mongolians live in Ulaanbaatar, and approximately 70-80% of gamers play in the Internet cafes. Only 2-3 teams have a place for the Bootcamp. to play in an Internet cafe.

It is the municipality’s decision to destroy the Mongol eSports scene. They do not know what eSports and do not want to … Communists. Ladies and gentlemen, we are doomed, “reads the statement.

The composition of The Mongolz CS: GO in 2016 won ASUS ROG and Masters Intel Extreme Masters X – Taipei. For all time of existence, the team has more than 100 thousand dollars in prize money.

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