In Russia they can launch a “white VPN”

In Russia, the possibility of launching the so-called “white VPN”, which will allow to avoid blocking conscientious resources, is being considered. This was told to journalists Herman Klimenko, advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on Internet development, following the meeting on Internet sustainability.

In Russia they can launch a "white VPN"

Such a “white VPN” can earn after the May holidays. It’s about creating a whitelist, which will be used in conjunction with the registry of prohibited sites. Klimenko suggested using the OpenVPN software with access only to IP pools from the white list. Klimenko explained: “The task at the same time is to make sure that "White list" reliable, conscientious resources do not use the IP addresses that Telegram simultaneously uses, and the distribution of this software is free. “

Thus, if bona fide resources are seen in the use of IP addresses used by Telegram to bypass the locks in Russia, they will not be able to get on the whitelist.

Let’s remind, the blocking of Telegram in Russia has begun on April, 16th, 2018 on the basis of the decision of the court which has been taken out on April, 13th. And in an attempt to limit Telegram, Roskomnadzor began to “hit the squares”. At the peak, the number of blocked IP addresses reached 18 million. Among the “hit by a blow” massively there are network addresses of Google and Amazon. The users of Viber messenger, Spotify music service, Odnoklassniki social network, various online games, delivery services and taxis, as well as many other non-attendant services to Telegram, complained about interruptions in their work.


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