In Russia, change the old iPhone and Samsung for new

Operator "Megaphone" announced the launch of a trade-in program in its stores, in which the owners of old smartphones Apple and Samsung can hand over them and get a discount on the new device.

Apple smartphones – from the iPhone 4S and newer ones, as well as flagship Samsung devices released in 2014 and later – are taking part in the action. The cost of the old device is calculated individually, based on its age and condition.

You can exchange an old smartphone both for a new device, and for accessories and additional services. In addition, discounts apply to all goods that can be bought on credit or in installments.

Now trade-in operates in 47 cities of Russia, including St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Tver, Kaluga and others.

Recall that since July 2017 in our country is another smartphone exchange program, which involves shops "M Video", "Connected" and re: Store. Later, it included iPad tablets.

MTS and "Vimpelcom" They also carry out their trade-in programs for Apple and other manufacturers.

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