In Monster Hunter: the World will be a mighty dragon RAID Kulve Taroth

In Monster Hunter: the World will be a mighty dragon RAID Kulve Taroth

Capcom continues to develop Monster Hunter: World and to add to the game an all-new spooky enemies. Coming soon will be another mighty monster – hunting an ancient dragon Kulve Taroth have the whole RAID.

Together with the dragon Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter: World also appearing a new type of jobs called “Siege”. In them, players will face off against the toughest monsters in the game, the first of which will become Kulve Taroth.

In this mode, players will not hunt alone, and not even a squad of 4 people, and a whole RAID of 16 players. The group of players will be divided into 4 units for 4 people and to go in search of various clues that allows you to track down an ancient dragon and to fight with him.

The success of each group in the tracking and the confrontation with the dragon will be taken into account in the overall progress of the “Siege,” the monster will be defeated after all commands will cause Kulve Taroth a certain total amount of damage.

Hunting Kulve Taroth will be available only in certain periods of time, and defeating the mighty ancient dragon, players will receive the Golden relic weapons that the blacksmith in the hub ready to turn in top gear Monster Hunter: World. For the first time Kulve Taroth should appear in the game on April 19.

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