In Helsinki the launch of a self-governing unmanned buses

The city of Helsinki bought the first driverless bus tests which would be held on the ground in the capital of Finland permanent long route Helsinki Robusline. This was reported by “Fontanka” with reference to the official portal of Helsinki. The new route will be operational in early summer in the area of ​​Kivikko. Six months of testing will show you how to solve a local problem of “last kilometer”: it is believed that if the distance from home to the nearest public transport is more than a kilometer, people are more likely to sit in the car and not public transport .

Test of unmanned buses in the capital of Finland The launch of a robotic bus to the area of ​​Suvilahti. Its short route takes you from the gates of the brewery Suvilahti through the Study to the Sörnäisten rantatie street, making only three stops. The test transportation is available Monday through Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00, with a break from 12:00 to 13:00. Ride the drone all students, the passengers carried out a survey on the quality of services provided.

The first test of the unmanned public transport began in 2016. Then electric unmanned buses from the French manufacturer EasyMile began to run in the district Hernesaari in Helsinki. Then, the test was for a few months in Espoo, Helsinki airport Vantaa, Tampere and Hameenlinna. Fall testing will begin in other areas of the capital with the support of Sohjoa Baltic. Helsinki alongside London, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires is involved in the project Aspen Bloomberg Initiative, aimed at the implementation in the urban environment of unmanned vehicles. Fortunately the laws of Finland allow to test unmanned public transport in the city.

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In Helsinki the launch of a self-governing unmanned buses


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