Iceberg turned into a shooting range-1 mid-laner. He was allowed to be myself

“This guy dominates on the Central Line in the CIS, many of the selections he just destroyed the Dandy in the mid.” – so Grant Harris described the game of the Iceberg this year. We all remember by heart the pasta about the guy who loses mid. Bogdan, it seems will soon be playing on a separate meme, only with a different tone. Occasions when he lost the foreign ministry, can truly be counted on one hand.

Iceberg insanely good when playing one on one. If DotA is not played five on five, he’s in the top 10 players in his career. In China, there is a “Wenglinski Bonaparte”, “6 a minute God. ” The last nickname was stayed with him, he was the one who was the strongest of the world, and he was in the middle of the battle for the HGH to kill the messenger and lose the game. Inadequate Assembly and played in solo games is, of course, not of the Iceberg, but of all the elite of the mid players (but rest assured, after EPICENTER no list of TIR-1 mid players in the near future will not be without Bohdan) title of the God of Six Minutes suits him the most.

Of the iceberg it is difficult to identify as old school or novice. He’s somewhere in the middle. On the one hand, in the Pro-scene it’s for the sake of three years, and the title of the year. On the other, ALWAYSWANNAFLY probably will smile, having heard about the “skilled player Iceberg” (if you get false teeth from a glass of water). The iceberg is managed to play in many countries. Anywhere he did not become his. He preferred more experienced players, like Illidan or G, sometimes it was just myself in the team at the wrong time, as was the case with Vega Squadron (then the shark began to rebuild after the departure of Solo and Noonan before the start of the 2016/17 season). Almost all the teams saw him as a cog which either have of place, or will be replaced. Somewhere saw him playmaker, it’s farming mid-laner. No one saw him as Bogdan Vasilenko.

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In an interview at the LAN-finals of Starledger, the iceberg said that he had his own command to not kicked him out. Brutal appearance of Bohdan at this point, contrasted with the irony disguised as resentment. In any team for the Iceberg and not allowed to be an Iceberg – snowbasin and mid-player, who at some point need to put on the rails and set the direction, because the fills his time. Famous captains like fng – prefer less aggressive and better controlled of mid players. Famous captain fng for the whole season, I am qualified for the same rating tournaments as the iceberg for a couple of months with FTM.

Why all of a sudden the iceberg began to play right now? In the previous texts about FTM or players on this team (one, two), I noted a lot of leeway given to boys. It is a game in the open space, the ridge of the iceberg. Now the meta has a move or triple lines in the middle, or even a triple line in the middle, but in order to provide the iceberg that is solo-mid, FTM often send dablu or triple in offlain, restricting the movement of enemy supports. See what happens when the Iceberg leave one to one (even if not the most successful match-UPS) from the series against Complexity.

Or even one in two.

Here’s a heartwarming statistic.

This is not to say that the iceberg and the FTM can only play from snowball. On the second map against Mineski, our team lost about 9 thousand gold in the 25th minute, but managed to turn the course of the meeting. Yes, the Champions of the DAC were the same as the TAC-4 rigs in the whole barracks, but what is wrong with FTM? You play as good as you can. FTM exactly in that game did not allow Mineski to look like something more than a bunch of headless horseman straight from the pubs of Southeast Asia.

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Now everything is more difficult – FTM is no longer seen as TIR-3 team, and Iceberg is recognized elite mid player. Against them gearing up and in the same way in the last two episodes FTM lost to the world Champions and Vice-Champions of the last major. But how could it be otherwise, if you want to stand on the par with the best?


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