How to get six months of free subscription to Apple Music

How to get six months of free subscription to Apple MusicApple Music

MTS subscribers can take advantage of the special offer of the operator and connect the payment to Apple Music from the phone account. The first six months of using the service will be free of charge, and later the standard tariff for Russia (169 rubles a month) is applied.

MTS became the eighth operator in the world who offered to write off money for Apple Music from the subscriber’s account, bypassing payment by a bank card. To connect this method of debiting, you will need to bind the Apple ID to the mobile phone number, this can be done according to the instructions that come after sending the USSD command * 888 # or on the Apple Music website.

Currently, the offer is valid only for MTS subscribers in Moscow. You can receive half a year of subscription even if you used a free promotional period before. At the same time, the operator can interrupt the broadcasting of music with his own advertising, as well as at any time, unilaterally change the cost of providing the service, notify the subscribers about it for 10 days. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending a USSD * 888 * 1 # command, and the operator will not charge the account for a used period or any penalties.

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