How many types of corruption?

How many types of corruption?

Many rushed to fight corruption, on the one hand, rightly believing her to be the culprit of many ills of the Russian economy, on the other hand mistakenly reducing it to bribes. But it’s not a bribe, but the fact that it can be obtained for it.

In my opinion, there are two types of corruption.

The first kind is when you get a bribe, then according to the law you can not buy it.

The second kind is when you buy a bribe, then according to the law you can acquire freely.

Accordingly, it is possible to fight the first kind by refusing, from what has been obtained illegally, and with the second – by informing the public about suspicions of extorting bribes.

Neither can be done alone. Corruption is fairly compared with drug addiction. Rallies and other protests will not help, because you can not refuse another person from corruption, without giving up on yourself.

How many types of corruption?

Is it possible to defeat corruption by abandoning it, not participating in it and supporting the one who did the same?

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