Google offered to hunt emoji

Google offered to hunt emoji

which users need to look for emoji around themselves. The task of Emoji Scavenger Hunt is simple: for the allotted time, players need to find nearby and take a picture on the camera of the smartphone object, most similar to emoji.

Things – for example, a clock, a pen or a banana – are selected in such a way that they can be easily found in the room. The faster the user finds objects, the more time he has left.

By creating Emoji Scavenger Hunt, the company wanted to show what tools are available to developers. The pilot project is based on the TensorFlow – JavaScript-library with open source, teaching artificial intelligence.

It works locally, on the device itself, without accessing remote Google servers. For the recognition of objects shot on the camera, the machine learning system answers. The photographs are not stored anywhere, the company says.

Google offered to hunt emoji

Emoji Scavenger Hunt came out on the eve of the opening of the conference for developers of Google I / O. It is expected that the company will talk about new AI functions in the Android camera application, specialized AI-chips (TPU) and cloud services related to neural networks. This year I / O will be held from 8 to 10 May in the amphitheater "Shoreline" (Mountain View, California).

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