Gambit can not handle Avangar, Na’vi déclassé Chinese

Statistics: + 6 \ = 0 \ -5

The Mirage in the match SK – Avangar was absent. The result was two winning, but nizkolegirovannyh forecast.

Bank: 9465 chips

Starladder i-League S5

Natus Vincere Tyloo, best of 3, 13:00 MSK

Rate: Na’vi win 2: 0 over 1.6

Tyloo came to Kiev with replacement is a key player – Captain of Mu, who was injured a week before the tournament. If Tyloo in this state to oppose Natus Vincere? The question is rhetorical. Na’vi has typed such a course that all opponents should be afraid. Yes, they may stumble, but not today. Today we are likely to see two fast cards. And at the same time get information on what kind of mood, Na’vi have come to this tournament.

Avangar – Gambit, best of 3, 16:00 MSK

Rate: victory Avangar for 2.65

I am absolutely sure that the arrival of peace in Gambit is a big mistake for the team. It will not solve the problems of the team, which is full. Avangar on the contrary on Jaming in the composition. Besides, you guys should be happy in the ACL, and in the final had chances to beat SK, but Avangar are unable to use them. In General, Kazakhstan’s Derby will be very interesting, but I would not be surprised if Avangar will not give the opponent cards.

Gambit can not handle Avangar, Na'vi déclassé Chinese

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