Frostpunk has sold 250 thousand for 66 hours

Town-planning simulator in a brutal post-apocalyptic world quickly gained popularity.

Frostpunk has sold 250 thousand for 66 hours

Developers urban simulator of survival in a brutal post-apocalyptic world Frostpunk announced that in just over 66 hours since the release of the game, she managed to disperse a circulation of 250 thousand copies. 11 bit studios was excessively glad such a success of his creation and promised the imminent release of major content updates.

Frostpunk – new game from the developers of This War of Mine. In this game, so as not to destroy all the inhabitants of a spooky town that you happen to control, the player will have to take many unpleasant and difficult decisions.

As in This War of Mine, Frostpunk players will always have to make a difficult decision where both options are horrible, but choose still need. So, for the sake of prosperity of the last city on Earth, factories are using child labor. However, sometimes children can’t handle him and get hurt. It puts you before a choice: to ignore injuries for children or ban child labour that will lead to a shortage of resources for the entire city. However, food shortages can also be addressed: for example, you can add sawdust to food despite possible health risk for residents.

Frostpunk available on Steam at a price of 599 rubles.

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