Friend did not complain, but only said: “You know my son”, Admire her!

I still admire my friend who decided not to tell my mother at her son and said only “You know your son.”

My friend Sveta in 28 years, met a man who went to the same school, only he was two years older. We talked, liked each other, started Dating. Dima’s mother is approved by her son’s choice: Light she liked.

Soon the friend moved to Dima, which was his home, a gift from my parents. Cleaned, the house smelled delicious. Dima was happy, but to restore order in the courtyard, in no hurry, although it was required a man’s hand. But one day….

Mother-in-law broke his leg and almost two months was at home. And then began to walk out with a cane.

One day Lidia took the bus to son. Light covered the table, sat, talked. Then Dima went to the gym, turned on the TV and lay down on the sofa. Lidia zasobiralsya home, and Light asked Dima to take my mother to the car, to which Dima emerged indifferently:

– Go by myself.

Lydia Nikolaevna has told Dima and said quietly:

– Needs children, lived in poverty, then be grateful.

Of course, you can call a taxi, but the mother is much nicer, if the son took her home himself.

Soon the Light was gone from Dima, there were other reasons that she did not want to live with him. A month later, Lidia came to Light to work to find out what happened and why.

I still admire my friend who decided not to tell my mother her own son, and said only “You know your son.”

And then Lydia Nikolaevna did not constrain emotions: she began to complain about Dima. She wanted someone listened to her. Failed Svetina mother-in-law told me that Dimin the father, needed money for drugs. Lydia Nikolaevna somehow elicited only a very small amount from a son to a father.

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Here’s a “thanks” was received by the parents from the son over the house and a car.

Light is not returned to Dima. She did not want to live with poverty.

In thirty years, my friend married a good, hard-working guy that started life from scratch. Together they paid off the loan for the apartment, and then for the car.

Now they have two children. And they are the children of the children.


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