Experts told why adults like to play war

Writer Daniil Granin, the 100th anniversary of the birth of which our country will celebrate in 2019, in the book "My lieutenant" recalled the first day of the Great Patriotic War: "At the factory, they were already enrolled in the militia. I also decided to sign up: how, war – and without me. It is difficult to understand what was there more – vanity, patriotism, adventurousness. I did not take the war seriously. It was a lucky chance to walk around Germany, to teach the fascists a lesson …"

Experts told why adults like to play war Elements of virtual reality are now used for training in army units. Photo: Valery Melnikov / RIA Novosti

Reality quickly cured him of this attitude. But even in the Leningrad post-war courtyards, the children raced with wooden swords, pistols and submachine guns. Now they are replaced by exact replicas of the weapons of the reenactors and computer "shooters" (English shoot – shoot). Why are men so strong in craving for arms and battles – this question is a correspondent "WG" asked several experts.

School of the young fighter

In society, the attitude toward military games is very ambiguous. First, in the 1990s, a negative attitude toward the army as a whole, especially to the army on call, was formed. However, the desire to protect their children from "hazing" or the opportunity to get into the so-called "hot Spots" – Now, by the way, this is in principle impossible, in such places only servicemen are served under the contract and only by their own decision – sometimes they can play a cruel joke with the future man.

Experts told why adults like to play warReconstructors will recreate the battle for Leningrad

– In the military registration and enlistment office I often see how the young men who are preparing to become officers make military careers, the mothers lead them by the hand, literally by the handle, “said the representative of the city military commissariat, Vladimir Anikeev, who once fought in Afghanistan. – "We, say, go to the military school. – You, I say, madam, there by age will not take". These women do not understand what they do to their sons only worse.

According to Anikeev, the role of the army in the life of a modern young man can be compared with the ancient initiation rite: "The point is not to subject a young man to cruel and senseless tests. The main thing is to introduce him to the world and teach him how to live in a team".

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The same role, but in a more facilitated version, is performed, perhaps, by military games like "Sunshades". So, for example, the champion of Russia and Asia, according to the WBA version, the boxer Rostislav Plechko, the president of the Interregional Public Organization "GROWTH", one of the directions of which is the organization of large-scale military-tactical games involving military equipment. Through imitation of adults, children learn: develop imagination, train communication skills.

– Participation in such games gives an opportunity to rise above the routine of reality, shift attention from pressing problems to tactical tasks, expand the circle of communication, try themselves in something new, “he continues. – Does any of the players, whether child or adult, remember how truly terrible and ugly the war is? I do not think so. Still, this is an ersatz, and everything that happens in this surrogate reality is for fun.

Who with the sword will come to us?

But the reenactors do not seem to think so. It is of fundamental importance for them that the re-created reality should correspond to the original as fully as possible. They sew medieval costumes without using a sewing machine, perform foot marches with weapons – as did the soldiers of the Patriotic War of 1812, and there is no greater shame for the reenactor than to be convicted that the elements of his costume or weapons are from different regiments , for example.

Experts told why adults like to play warCrimean Military History Festival will become a permanent park

– It’s no secret that girls grow up from girls, and from boys – just big boys. I have friends who adore board games, and buddies, ranks Teutons, Templars, Russian knights, soldiers of the Second World War. I myself have long ceased to love all sorts of weapons, but I am still attached to the reenactors, – says St. Petersburg Alexei Vasilyev. – Their passion in their own way is very romantic and slightly naive – they recreate the atmosphere of cruel years and great battles, but only without killing and corpses. This is much more humane and more interesting than being on a real war.

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– Why are the battles reconstructed? These are bright moments of history, which nevertheless are measured not from baroque to classicism, but from the Seven Years’ War to Napoleon, “explains the head of the club "Reconstruction" Alexey Volkov. – But from the hobby of knight tournaments, a new sport is born – a federation of medieval battles was created, in the beginning of May in Moscow there was a very spectacular "Tournament of St. George", which reproduces in detail the European knight competitions of the XV century.

And here, by the way, it is already possible to deviate from the historical truth. Participants in the tournament often use titanium armor instead of steel – they are much stronger and much easier. That is, reconstruction is not only a hobby, but also a material culture, and spectacles, that is, a market segment.

– Now the event tourism is gaining popularity, and the reenactors have excellent prospects. What could be more interesting than reincarnating for several hours in Dobrynya Nikitich or Olaf Trygvassona? – agrees Vasiliev. – But by and large the reenactor is a practicing historian, who tries on the life and hardships of his chosen epoch. He is a tailor, a groom, a blacksmith, and a cook. Of course, a little more "crazy", but we all tend to escape somewhere from everyday routine.

Life and death in a new reality

Most experts agree that the greatest danger for a modern young man is computer games. There is also a break in social ties, a weakening of communication skills, and the provocation of aggression, and a departure from reality that enables "zaseyvitsya" (English save – save), save in the game and then start from where you left off or even "perished". Many also pay attention to the extreme cruelty of computer games. However, according to Pavel Golubev, director of development of one of the holdings in entertainment, video games and mass culture, the connection between virtual and real aggression is not proven.

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Experts told why adults like to play war

Under Sevastopol, the battle for Balaklava was reconstructed

– Literally at the beginning of this year, the results of a study of the University of York were presented, where the thesis once again confirmed that video games do not directly influence the growth of aggression, he said. – In our holding company, within the framework of the e-sports division, teams on "shooter" Counter Strike. In the behavior of professional players who are fond of this genre for many years, there are no pronounced deviations: there is work, family, children and positive goals in life.

According to Golubev, a hundred years ago they played with sham sabers, and now they prefer pistols and rifles. Video games simply expand existing opportunities.

– It is important to understand that each such product on the market is assigned an age rating, which is primarily a signal for parents, continues Golubev.

And the reconstructor Alexei Volkov agrees with him:

– My 9-year-old son is fond of World of tanks, and thanks to her he knows the models of the World War II tanks. And on the weekend I take him to the museum to look at the real tanks. To explain to the child the difference between the computer and the harsh reality of life is the task of the family.

Computer games can provoke obesity. According to the media, with reference to the University College London studies, virtual activity provokes the consumption of more caloric food. 72 volunteers took part in the experiment, who were asked to choose their own snacks. Some of them fought in the conditions of reality Call of Duty ("Duty calls") or sought football titles in the sports simulator FIFA. The control group just watched TV for comparison. Players eventually ate more, and chose more calorie and sweet foods. In reality, these energy reserves are almost not consumed, so this eating behavior can be dangerous to health.


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