Exercise for the mind: a 12-minute hourglass

Exercise for the mind: a 12-minute hourglassChallenge yourself and try to solve the riddle of Bi-bi-si


Can you count down 12 minutes for the hourglass to other indicators?

Good luck!

Mystery OneOne:

As with the 11 minute and 13 minute hourglass, measure exactly 12 minutes?

Exercise for the mind: a 12-minute hourglass

The answer

Simultaneously start both units. Every turn in the moment. When will the 66 minutes, we fix the initial time. At this point, the 13-minute clock inverted 5 times, and was another moment. , They left the sand for exactly 12 minutes.

Another solution is to run at the same time. The minute is the 11-minute clock (exactly 7 turned over), and then immediately to turn the 13-minute clock. Before the coup, the sand in them was still for one minute, then down to sleep for exactly 12 minutes. After the coup, we can count the twelve minutes.

Source riddles: folklore

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