Durov is developing an advanced version of Darknet

Brothers Nicholas and Pavel Durov develop a protected special platform TON – Telegram Open Network. It should become an alternative advanced version "the dark side" the Internet.

Durov is developing an advanced version of Darknet

The new platform will have a number of secure components that replace the basic web services. In it for communication will use the service Telegram, instead of existing cloud storage. This is a decentralized torrent-like storage TON Storage. In turn, the identification will be carried out through the virtual passport Telegram Open Network External Secure ID. Payments will be made using the Gram Crypto currency, as well as the modern payment system TON Blockchain.

The company is currently discussing the implementation of virtual passports. This system will have to function similarly to the identification system in Paypal. Users will ask for photos, data on bank cards, checks for payment of utility services, scans of documents.

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