Duplex Google showed in the video

Google Duplex is a new booking feature that aims at simplifying the interaction with various services. Google is currently continuing to test this feature. 80% of all conversations with the real operator passes without operator intervention Google, but the company wants to increase this figure as 20% error — a very high value.

May not all fully understand the principle of operation of the Duplex, so Google decided to release a video in which he played a small stage the use of Duplex:

Duplex Google showed in the video

The video shows how Anna — the owner Android-smartphone — Duplex requests to book a table in the place is El Cocotero at 7 PM. In response Duplex asks whether the reservation for 20:00 if at 19:00 all the tables are occupied. Anna answers Yes, after which Duplex declares that will call the school and within 15 minutes will inform Anna about the outcome of the call.

After what Google calls the school, is the assistant of Anna and asks the operator to reserve a table for 7 PM, the operator regretted to say that at 7 o’clock all the tables were taken, and proposes to reserve a table for 8 PM. The assistant agrees, and then asks the operator about how many people will the table. The assistant offers to book a table for two, calls the name of Anna, because her name will be booking, then the call ends, and Anna is notified about the successful booking. Well, isn’t it?

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