Digital Foundry says why Crysis can lay the blades on a modern PC

Digital Foundry says why Crysis can lay the blades on a modern PC

Digital Foundry did some research and tried to answer the question of why Crysis can still hurt modern gaming computers. It is not only a large number of cool graphical effects.

The developers of Crysis ten years ago. Thanks to this zeal, the game was able to to the depth of field on the foreground objects, the enhanced particle system, volumetric light, razmitim in motion of each object, a voluminous water effect and advanced anti-aliasing. And that’s not to mention the technologies that began to be used in the current generation of consoles (for example, parallax occlusion mapping, or just POM). Of course, many of the developments Crytek now look completely different, especially if you look at the latest version of CryEngine.

The main reason is why even the monster 8700K i7 and Titan X is not always able to keep 60 FPS even at 1080p, lies in the future 10 years ago, imagined by the developers. Everybody thought that the processors will go the way of increasing the work rate. So in those moments when waiting for Crysis i7 8700K insane performance per core, the processor simply can not cope with the mission entrusted to him.

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