Cosplay of the week: Asuka Langley Soryu from “Evangelion”, Ninja of Fortnite and Brigid Overwatch

Cosplay of the week: Asuka Langley Soryu from "Evangelion", Ninja of Fortnite and Brigid Overwatch

Cosplay of the week: Asuka Langley Soryu from “Evangelion”, Ninja of Fortnite and Brigid of Overwatch. – Image 1

On the eve of the festival Cosplay Star 2018, which will be held in Moscow on 30 April in the shopping center “Riviera”, we talk with participants about cosplay, festivals and various hilarious situations that arise when working on images.

In our category “Cosplay of the day” has appeared the images of Anastasia. For example, Birgitta Lindholm from Overwatch, Queen Of The Night from “Game of thrones”, Harley Quinn from “suicide Squad”, and twice and Ray from “Star wars”.

In various interviews you have mentioned that your way in cosplay began in 2008, and the first way was Lara Croft that was then removed on a mobile phone. And what kind of image of Lara was your first? And what is your favorite — you have a lot of images of tomb raider?

The first image of Lara Croft I had from the game Tomb Raider: Legend where it was in the winter suit ran in Kazakhstan, while the time was winter and I thought why not, but now very funny to think about it.

In an old interview you are told that the image of Lara Croft you had to practice a lot to achieve desired shape. In addition, you aspired to get in the way for work on the project The Power of Light, which was then cancelled. Can you tell us about him?

Yes, it was a project my friend Alexander Stepanov, who had planned to make a fan film about Lara Croft, I’m there at all came as a stuntman, so she could do some tricks, but eventually then became the Lara in the movie.

Unfortunately, the project lasted too long, almost no budget, the script and the team is constantly changing, so I had to cancel the project. I still with pleasure recall those moments because I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience.

And how to you new movie about Lara Croft with Alicia Vikander?

Contrary to popular opinion I really liked Alicia, Yes, maybe it’s not the same Lara, which are all used to seeing in games, but for film I think much more important than the acting and the transfer of this martial spirit, and in my opinion Vikander with it, but why make the plot so similar to the last game “tomb raider”, I still do not understand, but in any case, the film deserves.

In an interview for Gamerulez you told me that trying to make all the costumes yourself, when you have the opportunity. Which costume was the most difficult to manufacture and why?

The last time all the costumes I’m doing together with Ruslan By Zinatulina (Eloi from the game Horizon: Zero Dawn, the White Walkers of “Game of thrones”, Brigitta Overwatch).

At the moment the most elaborate costume is, of course, Brigid — armor that we made specifically for Cosplay Star 2018. I, of course, and so had planned to do, but then there was extra motivation because I’ve been thinking about that, will we be able to make such a complex costume. Now we are still finalizing the image for the festival, completing the shield, Mace and small parts.

Can you tell us about the experience of participation in the jury for the cosplay festivals. On what basis do you give your voice? How hot are disputes on the bench at these events?

Not to say that I have a great experience while I only visited a few foreign and Russian festivals as a jury, but it’s always very useful and interesting experience. Usually happens some ardent disagreement in the jury, since in any case all this can be discussed and to come up with some additional encouragement prizes.

I always love it when cool in addition to crafting, sewing, make-up, etc. cosplayer cool acts out his character on-stage is always memorable and gives extra points.

What the cosplay festival was the most memorable and why?

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Hard to say, as on what the event and the festival has its memorable moments, but the last remained incredibly pleased with the trip to Morocco for the festival Shotaku, before that even could not imagine that there is also a popular cosplay.

Tell us some funny event associated with the festivals or the creation of images.

Merry very much, but especially fun when you have a deadline and you don’t sleep for almost 3 days in a row to catch everything, the whole apartment littered scraps of materials, tools, glue and paint and then you realize: “Oh yeah, I love cosplay, haha!”.

But seriously, cosplay has given me a lot of fun, cool experience and a lot of new experiences.

Cosplay of the week: Asuka Langley Soryu from "Evangelion", Ninja of Fortnite and Brigid Overwatch

In our category “Cosplay of the day” has appeared the images of Anastasia. For example, Asuka Langley Soryu from “Evangelion” and 2B from NieR: Automata.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did your familiarity with the cosplay? On your page found an interview in which you said that your first image — akasha from “Kuroko’s Basketball”. Why this character?

Well, it was dashing in 2012, and my friend really wanted to do something fun to celebrate Halloween. And in the end it so happened that we got on Halloween anime party! In fact, in the group of this party and at the event I met with the leader of his first cosband. So it all started… in Fact, she head that cosband, and asked me to do akasha in J-fest 2012, and she wanted to make Kuroko pair me with. But in the end I akasha did, and she came in another suit. But that’s offtopic.

In an interview IMHO-you online said, it took the nickname due to the fact that you liked Shirogane — manga character “Monochrome factor”. And what attracted you to this character?

In fact, I was initially drawn to this name… I saw this name on the page of one person in “Vkontakte”, I loved it, and I started googling fandom name. In General, so I looked up “Monochrome factor”. A special warm feeling towards this anime does not feel, but for me too much hooked. In the end, I originally signed up under that name on “Ficbot”, and after this nick spilled over into my cosplay work.

Your instagram saw a post that you cosplay is the main way of expression, where you can invest your full potential and skills. Can you tell me about creating images? How do you choose the characters?

It is difficult to answer this question so as not to stretch the response to several typewritten pages… to be Honest, most often for me, the imaging process begins with the preparation of the wig, because initially I was doing for a while to see how I like it. Actually, the wigs — it’s basically my favorite part about creating the images, I initially to this imbued.

In the process of creating the being I am also developing the initial concept of makeup, which I often subsequently improve, adjust in accordance with the features of my person and character design. If the result suits me, I start finding/making a costume. I sew myself, because I do not love to do it, but studied to be a designer suit and, in General, I’m good at sewing. But, in any case, even if I order costumes from China, let’s say I end up having to modify it, because none is perfect on me sat down! Moreover, often the Foundation comes good, and all sorts of accessories… well, you have to make from scratch. Another conversation, of course, when you order a suit from a good seamstress.

Create crafting too time on time is not necessary: sometimes alone, sometimes turning to the masters of their craft. It all depends on available time and personal interest in the process of creating that particular element.

As for the most part, I create it photocosplay (act I is still less than photographed), next comes the process of thinking through the concept of the photo shoot, finding locations and props necessary (and often create it). It’s… a Very tedious process, really. I always come to the photoshoot and know exactly what we are going to shoot, what shots I want to see; frequently practiced poses and wagering in advance. But, as my photographer has learned very quickly to work (due to the high level of mutual understanding), we have often left a lot of time for improvisation. So eventually the output sometimes turns out 50 on 50.

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If I am preparing a costume for the speech, then of course, I choose the right song for the catwalk, sometimes rented a room for rehearsals, if a complex statement.

In General, I choose characters based on personal sympathies. Ideally, of course, to make the character I liked in terms of 1) Design; 2) Nature; 3) Emotions. It is also important to my process of becoming familiar with fantomom there were some specific ideas for a shoot. In General, when a character fits all the above criteria, it de-al-but! But, of course, comes not always. Sometimes I can do one or another character simply because of the inspiration by design or sudden ideas for filming.

Can you tell us about your experience in koslanda? You simply create an image alone or together with someone? And what are the differences in the image of the character?

I find it easier to do projects with someone, but a clear framework of komentov not for me. I was two, and the experience left me highly questionable, especially from the latter. Maybe the thing is in people, not in the phenomenon cosband. Most likely, it is. But now I’m just working with my friends, and I feel so comfortable. No rules, restrictions, claims. Just responsible and talented guys, which is cool.

Read your ACE that you’re working with Etsy, and service requires to regularly do some sort of content to subscribers. Not lost the fun of cosplay, when he was forced into a routine?

You are likely confusing Etsy and Patreon. Etsy is a website where people sell their handmade. I personally sell there laid my wigs.

By the way, this is a very significant percentage of my income overall, my shop is popular. Certain time ago I was joined by a very talented master who makes ears, tails and toys of fur, or otherwise associated with anime and cosplay, and recently, and wigs too. I plan to expand the store, and at the moment, try to negotiate such collaboration with a very good Crafter.

And what you said, it’s probably a Patreon. In General, I use a creative approach to all photo shoots and haven’t really shot “just because you have to Patron”. Try to do interesting and varied content, it helps not to make the whole process of cosplay routine.

Which of your images are most memorable and why?

Yes I do all my images in General remember. I find it difficult at all to answer this question… If you ask me about your favorite character, then I’m even more “difficult”, believe me.

Tell us some funny event associated with the festivals or the creation of images.

Very difficult… wouldn’t recognize Me without cosplay in General, and therefore, once the volunteers from the dressing room to which I was attached, tried to prove me it’s not me! Don’t know many tales, but now for some reason nothing comes to mind.

You will have read the various posts from Amiko in her profile on the “Canobie”. For example, she published there own cosplay Fallout and other work.

In your interview for Gamerulez read that your path in cosplay began in 2009, and the first image you did not choose, had to be a missing character to join the team. Can you tell us more about this?

In fact, burning anything in this story no. I really wanted to do cosplay, but I absolutely do not understand how to proceed with this, therefore, fit into the first movement. And I was right! Working in a huge team with creative people has taught me a lot. And with some people I’m still friends and communicate.

My first image was eventually Sharon Rainsworth from Pandora Hearts anime is a complex Quinceanera dresses in which I felt like a cupcake.

In your group of “Vkontakte” six months ago, I read detailed instructions on how to do the portal gun from Portal, but again, unfortunately, could not. Question: where do you learn such craft elements of cosplay? Or experimenting yourself? If so, how many attempts it usually goes, before you can create what suits you?

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Portal gun — this is my second major, the Kraft, which I partially did especially for the “Canobie”. I think many will remember the huge tutorial that I wrote some time ago. Now the Internet, there are plenty of instructions on how to do this or that thing. There are videogayd, text management, and some cosplayers sell books with the secrets of his skill — if you wish, you can learn just about anything.

But then, when it all started, no instructions were and had to come up with ways of creating objects. So Yes, I had to experiment with what I’m doing so far. Usually attempts a little as I try to think about the whole sequence of their actions before will start to do something.

Which of your images are most memorable and why?

This question is more for you. What is my image you remember most? Because I know every inch of their costumes — no wonder they spent dozens of hours. If we are talking about my favorite suits, that the images of the games Fallout, Borderlands 2 and Dishonored. Only because I spent most of the time. And so, of course, I love all their costumes.

Cosplay of the week: Asuka Langley Soryu from "Evangelion", Ninja of Fortnite and Brigid Overwatch

How do you choose the characters? Have someone cosplay who would love to do, but no opportunity?

Because cosplay takes up a huge force, I try to choose characters who have become very close to me. Usually those heroes of the games that I spent dozens, if not hundreds of hours. Every game that struck me, I try to capture in cosplay.

Sometimes it can be awfully difficult. For example, I’d really like to mention their cosplay game Gears of War, but the characters are very intricate armor and to the realization I still have a lot to learn.

Was there any way that you almost finish, but then, seeing how it turned out, refused and decided for him not to return?

Oh Yes, I have bad images. For example, Jill Valentine I have totally failed. I hope the photos this image is not preserved on the Internet! Also I’m sure that every cosplayer in the closet is stored at least one unfinished costume left until better times.

How difficult is it to combine a passion for cosplay with your work and other activity?

Difficult, because cosplay is a time-consuming process. For this reason, I do not so many images. Time to do two or three costumes a year. Also, the cosplay takes all the money, so I am extremely grateful that there is now a system like Patreon, where those who are interested in your work can keep a lot of money.

Tell us some funny event associated with the festivals or the creation of images.

The festival is a powerful stress to the cosplayer. You need to speak to make sure the costume is not broke, do not to faint from the fact that you can’t eat the whole day — very often it does not allow the suit.

And best time is the evening of the festival day, when you realized that you did it, you’re done and all done with a Bang! Fun lot of cases, but most of them are very personal and are connected with the sophisticated way of resolving the issue.

Cosplay Star 2018 will be held in Moscow on 30 April in the shopping center “Riviera” (metro station Tulskaya) 12:00. Admission is free!


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