Cool grandma with security

Cool grandma with security

10 years ago I, as a consultant at one of the cosmetic brand. The prices were there just a space, and my meager scholarship could only look at products.

Once in the store, where was my Desk, went Granny – God dandelion a sort of kerchief. Other sellers ran away, not wanting to work with retired, but I went up to her. Grandma for some reason I liked it, had something aristocratic and attractive.

After talking with grandma, I gave her a bunch of samples of products, still they were free and no one believed. Other sellers began to make fun of me, but I did not care.

One evening I went to the store the same grandma. And behind her was a guy with a bunch of goons in identical suits. Looking closer, I recognized him. He took grandma under lokotok and brought her to me, saying:

– Girl, we’ll take everything that would call my grandmother. Be so kind to pack prettier.

Half an hour later a happy Granny holding a heavy package with his grandson and the guards. But after this incident, other sellers, at the feet of, all the old women, but such a cool grandmother to us never came.

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