Confrontation in the network: Roskomnadzor unlocked Google

Roskomnadzor announced the removal of the lock from 3.7 million Google addresses, why the agency decided to remove the Internet giant from the “black list”

Roskomnadzor unblocked six subnets of Google, access to which was limited due to the blocking of the telegram messenger. The information was published on the website of the department.

These subnets included 3.7 million IP-addresses, which affected the sites of services used by Russian business and end users:,,,,,,,,,

At the moment in the list of blocked IP-addresses there is not a single one belonging to Google subnets, which was confirmed by Forbes by the expert of Diphost company Philip Kulin. He created a service for real-time tracking of downloading network addresses that were on the registry.

Last Thursday, May 5, deputy head of Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin complained that Google and Amazon show indifference to Russian IT business and are not ready to cooperate with Roskomnadzor. However, today the agency stated that the IP addresses of Telegram, which are part of these subnets, are fully installed and blocked. This could be a formal reason for stopping Google address blocking. Many Russian companies complained about the difficulty of access to legal services that occurred against the background of Roskomnadzor’s fan locks.

Earlier on April 28, Roskomnadzor also unlocked three subnets of foreign providers of hosting and cloud services: two of them belonged to Amazon and one to OVH SAS. Nevertheless, at the moment, there are 10.8 million IP-addresses in the unloading.


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