Clean Windows: remove unnecessary programs and residual files

There are a number of programs that can help in detecting unnecessary files and cleaning up the hard drive from digital ballast. However, there are always installation components for Windows programs that contain errors. Because of this, it is difficult or impossible to remove them completely through the Control Panel. In this case, only the reference to special software will help.

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Removing the installation components without residue

Clean Windows: remove unnecessary programs and residual filesIObit Uninstaller offers many functions for the comfortable cleaning of your computer from unnecessary programs

One solution is Uninstaller from IObit. When installing, select “Custom Install”, click on the “Install” button and then decide whether you need the “Advanced” SystemCare“. Start the installation by clicking on “Next”. Finally, let us know if you want to receive the newsletter from the developer, and close the window by clicking on “Finish”. IObit Uninstaller will start automatically and will immediately start to study your computer for installed programs.

Check the boxes to the left of each application that you want to remove, and then click on the “Delete” button in the upper right corner of the screen. In response, a dialog box opens, in which you must activate the option “Automatically delete residual files”, and if you want, you can create a new recovery point for greater reliability. Click on “Delete” to start the cleaning. Depending on the software being removed, additional windows may appear, in which you must confirm the deletion.

Nuances in the case of SSD

Unlike magnetic disks, fast SSDs are not subject to mechanical wear. However, the longer such a disk is in use and the more intensively it is used, the slower it processes information. The reason is that the SSD actually erases the files deleted earlier in order to use the freed cells.

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The TRIM function automatically adjusts this interaction, but additional tools were required before. One command is enough to find out if TRIM is really active on your system. To do this, open a command prompt with administrator privileges and type “fsutil behavior query DisableDelete Notify ».

If the value “0” is indicated after the “NTFS DisableDeleteNotify” line, everything is OK. If it costs 1, manually activate the TRIM command «fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0 “. After that, enter the first command again to check the change.

Calculation of “devourers” of free space

Clean Windows: remove unnecessary programs and residual filesTreeSize Free scans the entire hard drive, and then sorts all folders by size, helping to find the largest directories

The next step is to find folders on the hard disk containing a lot of heavy files. Use the easy-to-use and easy-to-use TreeSize Free utility for this task. Install it and run as administrator. The program will automatically calculate the size of individual folders on your drives.

The more space the folder occupies, the higher in the list it will stand. Check all suspiciously large directories and delete unnecessary files from them. This procedure can be performed directly from the program TreeSize Free.

General cleaning of discs

Wise Disk Cleaner analyzes the contents of the hard disk, and then offers to remove the unnecessary

The program Wise Disk Cleaner will also scan hard drives in search of residual and extra files and throw them overboard. In addition, it will, if necessary, perform this task regularly and automatically, relieving you of any concerns that the disc will again overflow.

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After running Wise Disk Cleaner, you can select the file types that the program should remove. Then click on the “Scan” button to start the analysis. To get rid of unnecessary files, click on the “Cleanup” button. After activating the “Off” switch next to the “Schedule” option, you can select a schedule for automatically cleaning your computer of digital garbage.

Clean Windows: remove unnecessary programs and residual filesA PC with preinstalled programs has a serious disadvantage: they are overloaded with software that you do not need and which sometimes even suffers with vulnerabilities. The free utility PC Decrapifier, which recognizes the majority of such extra additives and deletes them when necessary, will come to the rescue.

The management is extremely simple: launch the utility and click on “Analyze”. After scanning, you can select the interfering applications and easily delete them by clicking on “Remove Selected”.

Search for duplicate files

Clean Windows: remove unnecessary programs and residual files

AllDup detects duplicate files. The results in the list are automatically sorted by the amount of space occupied

Not only large files, but also duplicates are the culprits of the sudden loss of free space on the hard disk. Solving the problem offers AllDup. This program for Windows searches for duplicate files and deletes them at the click of a button. Management at first glance seems a bit confusing, because AllDup offers a huge number of configurations.

For example, when searching for duplicate images and video, proceed as follows: first on the “Source Folders” tab, select all the folders in which the search will be performed. Then go to the “Search Method” tab and in the “Search Criteria” section select only “File Size” and “File Content”. After that, you can start looking for duplicates by clicking on the “Search” button.

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The results are sorted by the size of the occupied space, which can be freed by removing duplicates. Look carefully at the list to not accidentally erase the files you need.

Troubleshooting Antivirus Removal Files

Clean Windows: remove unnecessary programs and residual filesESET AV Remover reliably removes the remnants from other antiviruses and takes care of the stable operation of the PC

Switching from one antivirus to another can cause problems and errors if the previous product was not completely removed. Eset AV Remover, which recognizes many programs of other developers and removes them without a trace, promises to help. This software is portable and requires no installation. Just double-click it and follow the instructions of the wizard. On this page in the “List of Applications“You will find a list of programs from which Eset AV Remover can free up the hard drive.

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